December 2, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Brandy has been replaced by yoga.  They bought a century-old log house near Zázrivá and their approach breaks all prejudices (Interview)

Brandy has been replaced by yoga. They bought a century-old log house near Zázrivá and their approach breaks all prejudices (Interview)

Every Slovak knows the bandit and the Slovak national hero Juraj Januszic. But did you know that Juraj also had a younger cousin, Jogošík? Instead of fighting, set out on a nonviolent life path. His fortune was created through contemplation and symbiosis with the surrounding nature around Mal Rozsutec.

This is how Andrea Wyan, the owner of Kuliba Yugochik, lives near Zazreva today. But it is not a pension, you will not find classic housing with them. In the main idea of ​​Ayurveda, they organize themed stays that will fall in love not only with yoga enthusiasts, but also with running tracks or even yeast.

The adventurous couple, already nicknamed the Jogos, traveled most of the world and tried their hand at work in Switzerland until they could settle in the area below Mala Fatra. The wooden house, parts of which are 100 years old, was repaired by himself and the two manage it.

Even if they seem to connect two unrelated cultures, owner Andrea sees it differently. They supplemented the traditional life of our ancestors only with meditation, yoga and the principles of Ayurveda. They say they blend in perfectly. This is also indicated by the fact that there is still interest in their unique stays, although the current situation does not suit tourism.

You are doing business in tourism. He is going through one of the most difficult periods due to a coronary crisis. How do you do that?

It’s a very difficult year. We are doing our thematic residencies for the fourth year. That being said, however, we realize that the work is hard for the first three years, and then begins to improve.

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At the beginning of the year, we really felt like it was starting to pass. A very large group of people knew about us, the stays were well done, most of the house we already renovated and eventually everything became functional, we found a good work division and accommodation system.

We finally started enjoying what we were doing. Then the corona came and stopped us more or less for half a year.

It is said that many Slovaks have decided to vacation in Slovakia this year. Did you feel more interested in your stay?

In the summer months, yes, people often write alone and ask if we still have any vacancies. But the problem is that summer, unfortunately, is not our main season.

In the summer we organize cross-country trail races in Zázrivá, which in the meantime have become a big event. However, it requires at least 3 weeks of intense training, which is impossible to reconcile with stays.

We again have some summer weekends dedicated to us participating in such races, these are our big hobbies. So weekends to organize stays are a little short in summer. Our main season, paradoxically, is from fall to early summer. At that time, the situation with the crown was bad and the regulations greatly affected the possibilities of organizing our stay.

But your idea is completely unique. You associate the Slovak tradition with the Eastern philosophy of Ayurveda.

It’s hard to talk openly about an idea. Rather, it is a natural “integration” of what we do into the environment in which we work.

Source: Koliba u Jogošíka