January 22, 2022

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Brain vs Brain Should I let my kids succeed?  It solves the old confusion.

Brain vs Brain Should I let my kids succeed? It solves the old confusion.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain Nintendo Switch comes with a multiplayer brain test and releases today Since July in Christmas.

But if you visualize a tense, stinging situation when your children cry because you are (obviously) smarter than them, or because your children are falsely controlling you because you let them win. I recommend They deservedly won, then don’t worry: Brain Academy has this dilemma.

In a three-part interview with three developersKenta Kubo, Tomoaki Yoshinobu, and Hideki Fuji discuss how the game was created and the decisions they made.

The game uses the system to decide which of the six difficulties will be difficult based on their speed when each player answers the questions correctly. For those savvy adults who have to prove themselves by playing five-year tests, from the Sprote class to the Super Elite class with an eye on five-year-olds, these hardships are made for everyone. older people.

“Although simple at first glance, there is a complex program in the background that increases or decreases the class and score based on the player’s answers. I found a way to prevent it from getting to the players.”
Kenta Kubo, Recreational Planning and Development Department

Kenta Kubo during the interview (picture: nintendo)

but that is not all. The developers focused on making the game as friendly as possible for younger players, giving feedback “negative” and offering “Sprout support” for young children who are annoyed by difficult questions. They will do it else Get questions about “Sprout Glass”. And test it all fact Kids who went to the office for a math test!

However, our favorite part is that players can choose different levels when they play against each other. This means that one of the players is Sprote Glass, and the other is Super Elite Glass, which allows you to play “on equal terms”. After all, it’s a matter of answering the questions your own site.

“When kids and parents play against each other, the parents are on the same level – but the kids are actually surprisingly good at watching. So, kids and parents have different levels of difficulty, which allows them to both do their best.

If he is not in equilibrium, the winner will increase his row by one. Then the players can play seriously with each other.”
Kenta Kubo, Recreational Planning and Development Department

Big Brain Academy: Wee Titul
Big Brain Academy: Wee Titul (picture: nintendo)

If you want to know what we think about Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain, Check out our written reviewand our YouTube reviews (both from Alex!).

Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs Brain is now released on the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 / £24.99 / $29.99.

Did he sell you in the game? Or apart from the capital of Bolivia, do you want your children to be fooled by trivial games because they do not know the alphabet? Let us know in the comments!

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