January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Book your family-run all-inclusive stay at Hotel Splendid today!  Capacity is limited and deadlines sell out quickly

Book your family-run all-inclusive stay at Hotel Splendid today! Capacity is limited and deadlines sell out quickly

One of the most popular holiday concepts of the past year – All Inclusive Family Stay The three-star Splendid Hotel on the spa island of Piešťany celebrates an amazing comeback.

After family holidays in Slovakia combined with the benefits of spa treatments, excursions abroad to the sea and sun with unlimited access to refreshments were codified into positive memories of Slovaks, the spa operator in Piešťany decided to make it a tradition. The potential for continuous improvement is enormous and at Piešťany they know exactly what to do about it.

Source: SITA

When we say everything, we mean everything!

During the stay, all guests can taste the “real Piešťany” in the form of spa treatments. Part of every all-inclusive spa stay is a doctor’s consultation, of course there are full board and endless options to enjoy your holiday with your family in Slovakia to the fullest. Even if you decide to come only for 4 nights you will experience the handy spa in the mirror with dry roll, water bike and hand roll. With each new overnight stay, the number of procedures included in the accommodation price increases.

When you think about how your kids will have fun at that time, you can get anxious. The animation team will keep them entertained and the professional kids will entertain you in the playroom or outdoors while you go for wellness or treatment.

Source: SITA

Concept All-inclusive family vacation Dedicated to everyone who has gone so far with a little soul to wellness hotels and tried to calm their children so that they do not disturb other guests. Children are most welcome on the spa island of Piešťany. Small discos, special evening holiday programs with invited guests, a train that can take you around the island, a bird cage with peacocks or sweets with countless sweets, bike rentals, mini golf – we don’t know how to tell you – but that sounds like a good plan.

Source: SITA

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All necessary information about the all-inclusive family stay at the Splendid Hotel in Piešťany can be found in Ensana Spa Network website. Take inspiration from the positive experiences of last year’s guests and come and experience the beneficial effects of spa treatments, the beautiful surroundings and the possibilities of enjoyment that the spa island of Piešťany can offer even the smallest.

Book an all-inclusive stay for your family at the Splendid Hotel today! Capacity is limited and deadlines sell out quickly.

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