January 22, 2022

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Blues think: Winter Classic doesn't prefer home

Blues think: Winter Classic doesn’t prefer home

It’s a game the State of Hockey has been waiting for for ten years and the organizers consider it a big bonus every year. However, it can easily happen that there will be some bitterness after the last siren – the statistics indicate this. And hockey players, the Louis Blues will do their best to build on the current numbers.

“It won’t even be a classic outdoor duel for us. Practically everything will be different than usual. Different alternatives, different ice for both teams. There will be a lot of different things going on. I would almost say the conditions will be the same for both teams” Justin Falk.

The blues, of course, are officially at the guest stand. New Year’s Eve, the much-anticipated Discover Winter Classic 2022 duel against Minnesota Wild will take place at Target Field, where Minnesota Twins baseball players routinely participate.

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Minneapolis – St. Paul, the country pride that has raised the most number of hockey players in NHL history compared to other parts of the United States, can’t wait. All 39,000 tickets are gone.

This is literally a classic in the case of the Winter Classic. The total balance of the guests from all the doubles abroad however reads 11-17-4. So Falk’s words go to the heart of the matter.

“This is an important event as people from all over America come here. At the same time, we understand that it is still their territory,” the goalkeeper said. Jordan Bennington. “The numbers in the crowd will probably play in their favour, but I’m looking forward anyway. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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Not only because of the pomp of the whole event. The Blues, as the first team in the Middle Division (41 points, 18-9-5) ahead of Wild (40 points, 19-9-2), want to extend their lead and need to meet several prerequisites.

“I agree that this was more of an event than a regular game. I’ve been fortunate to attend several of them. It’s always a big event and a great thing,” said coach Craig Biroby. “That’s why we have to want some things from the players.”

What will happen? “The focus is mainly on hockey, which is what led to Friday’s training,” Birubi said after graduation. “To get used to the ice and the conditions – the boys did a great job. And then they have to keep fighting. At the same time, it’s important to enjoy it. But when you drop the disc, you have to focus on the opponent on the other side.”

The Blues Department eventually bolstered the festive nature by bringing loved ones to Minneapolis.

“Personally, I am very happy to have my children here,” said the striker. David Peron. He promised, “The news from the club chiefs is that they know how to take care of us. But in general, they will have more distractions here at home. We will enjoy them today and fly in them tomorrow.”

In any case, an element that all participants can remember over and over is mixed into the circuit of matches and public responsibility: the pure joy of childhood.

Beron and Beck smiled: “It’s cold, this feeling suddenly came back.” Colton Paraiko “All of a sudden it’s like meeting outside after school every day, throwing hockey sticks in the middle of the ice, splitting into two teams and going for it,” he adds.

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Expected severe frosts will be a little different – at such temperatures, some of the most sensitive parents leave their children crazy for hockey at home. Of course, NHL professionals will have no problem with that. Also because of the shape of the division table.

“It just makes everything more exciting and exciting,” Bennington agrees before his first seasonal showdown with Wilde. These will be very important points and we are all aware of that.”

With his interventions, he wants to double the thefts of historical points for the guests, but his memories will certainly remain regardless of the outcome.

“I am experiencing it for the first time and it is exceptional,” he said. “You can spend more time in one place, there are a lot of other people around, and more experienced boys have already told me that the wind can play with a disc, for example. It would be like lake hockey.”