January 27, 2022

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Blogger outfits from Great Britain Noizz

Blogger outfits from Great Britain Noizz

The United Kingdom is no stranger to the fashion world. Fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen or Viven Westwood or Burberry came from the British Isles. If you are a fan of these English brands, you should also follow the local fashion bloggers who are the best inspiration for your wardrobe.

Today, you can find fashion bloggers in every country. They are very popular in the British Isles, the birthplace of many fashion brands. Some influencers are trying to use local brands from the UK, But others incorporate commonly available brands into their clothing, which you can also find in Slovakia.

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Hannah Krosky

Fashion stylist and influencer Hannah Krosky Lives in Brighton, England. Besides fashion, she also loves travel and interior design. Hannah combines in her wardrobe, more expensive brands, commonly available clothing, but also second-hand pieces. Thanks to the neutral color of her clothes However, not all pieces act like a fashion magazine.


Stylist and influencer Amira Comes from Manchester, England. Original style and A combination of different materials or shapes Is her identity. Not everyone likes her clothes, but she certainly will not go unnoticed.


There is no shortage of stylish men in the UK either. Unlike Slovak, they are not afraid of combinations Different colors and materials and often they wear something controversial. Matthew Sorbos He is also the recipient of the Best Costume Male Blogger Award in the UK.


Monique He combines clothes in his wardrobe From different bazaars, but does not prevent the discovery of new brands. Despite this, London-based Influencer can also compile trendy outfits that inspire you.


Beauty Frédérique Harrel Although he was born and raised in France, he has lived in London for over 10 years. In addition to her beautiful smile, you will definitely be impressed by her hairstyle. In fashion, Frederick is not afraid of experimentation And often shows combinations that most of our people can immediately reject.

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Age is just a number! This fashion enthusiast confirms it. David Evans He certainly did not think of life after the 60s. His clothing combinations are not only an inspiration to colleagues, but also to the very young – at least in the traditional style.

ப Sepina

British fashion blogger Sebina She is exceptional at first glance as a Muslim. May be his clothes, which is proof that all is very interesting Women of other cultures and religions also understand fashion. For obvious reasons, all clothing includes a head covering in this case, but this does not cause any discomfort.


Exotic Natashu Many call him one of Britain’s best bloggers. The glamorous beauty lives in London with her own gratitude Precisely mastered minimalist style is a great inspiration even outside the British Isles. Natasha is a fashionista in everything and she does not even hide her love for branded pieces.


Sympathy Des Montgomery Full time blogger and model. They are trying to encourage their fans to do more consistent shopping, And take care of not only their body but also their mind. Tess admits to being a shopkeeper in the past, but that is what helped drastically change her behavior.


There is a significant difference in this test Jordan Lipscombe, No He certainly has no problem wearing something unusual, inappropriate or outrageouse. Due to his many collaborations he is a very popular infusionist in the British Isles. Thanks to 1.8 million customers Web light One of the most successful British bloggers.

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