December 2, 2021

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Blog no. 46- Website Story – Economics – Blog

Blog no. 46- Website Story

Blog about the Web Site Story Conference

In the next blog, I will address the topic of the Web Site Story conference. The theme of the conference was the work of online stores during the Covid-19 pandemic. This conference was broadcast on November 4, 2021 at 1 pm with guests Slavomír Vigová (Assistant in the creation of information systems), Marián Neméth (Co-Founder of a company called Pískacie), Marián Timoracký (First planner in an advertising agency), Peter Velets (Co-Founder of Cyclists) former now). cycling brand Izador), Juraj Pobjecý (co-founder of cycling brand Izador) Matej Horniak and Martina Zrníková.

Matej Hornick

The first guest at the online conference was Matej Horek.

Selections from Matej Hornek’s lecture

In the Slovak economy as well as in other economies of the world, the rules of the Covid-19 pandemic. Every country has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic to a large extent, both economically and medically. In economic terms, this means closing down businesses in individual sectors of the Slovak economy in order to protect the health of the population of the Slovak Republic. The Slovakian economy deteriorated by 2.5% before the pre-pandemic level. This naturally affected the behavior of Slovak consumers. Slovak consumers naturally fear, on the one hand, the loss of health due to Covidu-19, and on the other hand, they fear losing their financial resources as a result of the closure of their businesses, where they work.

In his lecture, Matej Horcak summarized some aspects of consumer behavior in shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Matej Horniak, changes in aspects of consumer behavior include:

  1. And in the retail area, there were small trips during the first and second waves of the coronavirus.
  2. Due to limited shopping opportunities, Slovak consumers have resorted to online shopping
  3. The flight of Slovak consumers to online purchases has been reflected in a record number of online payments
  4. Eating costs have increased more than 9 times
  5. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people started to furnish their apartment more.
  6. Naturally, Slovak consumers traveled less to protect their health, which reduced the demand for travel
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Spíker Matej Horniak noted the changes that have occurred in the retail business.

Among the changes in retail noted by spokesperson Matej Hornick

  1. The trend in online shopping has been enhanced. This means that retailers have stepped up their online sales to protect the health of consumers
  2. Environmental problems are beginning to be addressed
  3. To inform customers of their products, retailers have started reporting via smartphones

Martina Zrennikova was another speaker at the online conference

A selection from Martina Zrennikova’s lecture

At the beginning of the speech, Martina Zernikova said that 3% of people are looking forward to digitization. In order to be able to sell our products, it is necessary to create an online store. Sporopay is a function that pays for goods with a payment order. An overview of the billing tool for income and expenses in the company. The payment terminal will allow customers to pay anywhere and anytime.

The other speakers are Peter Felits and Juraj Bubicki

Peter Felits- A former professional road cycling cyclist, currently with his brother producing apparel for an active brand called Isadore Apparel, he also has brand campaign experience, talked about how to handle, and how to evaluate the brand campaign

Juraj Pubjikki- Is the main representative of the brand campaign in Isadore, has rich experience in strategic positions in the agency, collaborator with Peter Velits

Selections from a lecture by Peter Felits

Peter Velets began by explaining that Isador has an 8-year tradition and employs 30 people. The company’s goal is to select stylish and simple apparel for cyclists. The main supplier of the company Makita. They are the first company in the world to produce cycling clothing from recycled products, which means that they think about the environment in their production.

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A selection from Yurai Bubjiko’s lecture

According to Juraj Pobjecký, the ideal time to advertise is when the company starts to stagnate. This means that its sales do not decrease or increase. The more we know about the market where we have an online store, the more demand we have, and that means more customers. According to Juraj Pobjecký, it is necessary to conduct both sales and branding. The companies competing in the online store are all companies that are in our business. In their case, this means all companies that sell cycling clothing in the form of an online store. According to Juraj Pobjecký, hate is not necessarily our real concern. This does not mean that when some people do not like our products, it automatically means that they are bad, of poor quality, and outdated. An increase in brand interest usually means an increase in sales. This means that when customers start liking products, we can expect an increase in sales over time. According to Juraj Pobjecký, no minimum budget can be set. This means that for some campaigns, sales of 100,000 euros will be enough; For some campaigns, sales of even 500,000 euros will not be enough. . According to Juraj Pobjecký, doing business is like doing sports. Once we get there, once we get frustrated. Interestingly enough, record losses lead to record profits.

Slavomira Vegova, Marianne Nemeth

Slavomíra Vigová deals with information systems and Marián Nemeth deals with the sale of children’s writing clothing

Slavomira Vegova- Handling information systems for 20 years, helping to streamline warehouse agenda, business management, and e-store sales through retail and wholesale

Marianne Nemeth- Co-founder of the Pískacie brand, a family business they founded with their wives, every piece of sapphire clothing is made in Slovakia, emphasizing an ecological approach to production

A selection from a lecture given by Slavomira Vegova and Marin Nemeth

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According to Slavomira Vegova, the basis of the online store is a good information system. The primary goal of every information system is the ability to grow. The principle of the information system is to simplify the entry of data into the database. If the information system is from the beginning of the year, the online store administrator should find out his business partners in September. According to Maren Nemeth, the probability of whistling in clothes is mainly in children. The online store must be connected to the information system. They have gone through different ways in the process of making sapphire clothing.

Marian Temorak

Selections from a lecture given by Marian Temorak

Marián Timoracký works in an advertising agency. According to Marian Temuraki, opinions that everything will be different are misleading. The evolution of sales is manifested in spirals, which means that there are cycles, once there are better periods, once there are worse ones.

Consumer thinking

According to Marin Temorak, consumers are witnessing another deadly epidemic. 82% of people think that being healthy now is more important than being beautiful. People in the present have stopped enjoying the future. There is still a concern about the large number of people in stores, which means that people prefer to shop in smaller groups. People prefer to shop once a week, some even once a month, in the past people would buy more than once a week. According to Marian Temurak, people began to wear casual clothes, which means that they wear more similar clothes.

need points It is the ability to adapt to barriers.

homemade mushroom- The apartment is the center of work, education and relaxation

According to Marin Temurak, the situation repeats from the past, when the craftsman had a workshop in his house, the farmer had a turn in his house, etc.