December 9, 2021

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Blinken and Borel call on Russia to refrain from dismantling the monument

Blinken and Borel call on Russia to refrain from dismantling the monument

“Russia ‘s announcement of the dissolution of the International Monument and the Center for Human Rights is another attack on freedom of speech. Russia must stop prosecuting and stop abusing the law on foreign agents to harass, stigmatize and pacify civil society,” Blingen wrote on Twitter. . European diplomat Joseph Borel also spoke on behalf of the European Union.

The move to dismantle the monument, which explores the history of political repression and the protection of human rights, is a further abuse of Russia’s foreign law, which is being used to “further narrow the space for independent activists and prevent historical research and critical debate,” Borel said. Information. Borel warned that the demolition of the monument was “an irreparable loss to Russia and the whole of Europe.” He called on the Russian authorities to reverse the decision and stop the attacks on civil society and the media.

The Council of Europe and its Secretary-General RE Marija Pejčinovičová Burichova made similar demands to Russia. The Office of the Attorney General of Russia announced on Thursday its intention regarding the monument, asking it to disband the Supreme Court, an organization dedicated to investigating the history of political repression and defending human rights. The reason is its “systematic violation of the Foreign Agents Act”. The court will hear the lawyer’s request on November 25.

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The Memorial Attorney’s Office described the request as politically motivated and said there were no legal grounds for dissolving it. Russia added the memorial to its 2016 list of foreign agents. Interfax says on its website that memorial courts have repeatedly imposed fines for foreign agents violating the law.