January 21, 2022

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Big news in CS: GO.  Valve released from Riptide - eSports

Big news in CS: GO. Valve released from Riptide – eSports

In addition to the new skins, Operation Riptide brings many changes, such as shorter competitive matches and the ability to share grenades.

valve formal Foot A new process for CS:GO called Riptide. He also brings with him a new operating card, thanks to which you will be able to get exclusive rewards.

On Steam, this pass is priced at €12.75. The operation will be available until February 20, 2022.

Changes in modes and gameplay

The developers have finally added one of the most requested modes, the private matches. Group friends will finally be able to create their own match on Valve servers, while this new version is also available for groups on Steam.

New free-for-all deathmatch and Team Deatchmatch modes have also been added, which are gaining popularity on public third-party servers. In competitive matches, you will be able to choose a shorter match, which is not standard BO15, but BO8. So it is enough to win nine rounds, not 16.

Perhaps the biggest change is the ability to share grenades, which currently work similarly to what we know as weapons. Two maps have also been modified. In Dust2, the vision from firing a T to the center of the map is blocked, and it will be possible to shoot through various wooden objects on the Anciente.

Some weapons did not escape the changes either. The M4A1-S has already suffered minor damage. Conversely, the Desert Eagle does little damage and the Dual Berettas are $300 cheaper.

Tasks and rewards in the process of passing

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There will be several missions every week to earn stars. You will then use them for specific rewards. You will be able to choose, similar to the previous operation Broken Fang, among several interesting options.

Missions from Week 1 will be available later, so you don’t have to worry that they won’t be able to complete them retroactively. If you have a Prime account, you will access all missions without paying, but you will only get stars after purchasing the Riptide Operation Card.

A total of 100 mission stars will be available, but if you don’t like them, you will be able to purchase them. Operation Riptide is already the eleventh in CS: GO history, and we’ve been waiting for it since May 3, when Operation Broken Fang ended.

Complete information about the operation and news in the game You can read On the official website of CS: GO.