November 28, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Big disappointment! Although the two brothers currently share the same themes, there is one thing Harry and Meghan relentlessly reject.

Harry and William’s relationship is currently going through a bit of a crisis. Despite what happened in the family, they were still close to each other …

After the younger brother left for the United States and due to some controversial reports from the interviews given, he became a bit far from his family. However, it seems that they are still very close in opinion and support themselves from a distance.

Harry and Meghan will advise on sustainable investments

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially announced a partnership with another big company. This time they work with Ethic, a company founded by two Australians. It aims to help people invest in green and sustainable investments. In their official statement, they said that only by investing in each other can we change the world.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend the Global Citizen Live 2021 gala in Central Park, New York, USA, on September 25, 2021 (Photo: REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs)


Thanks to their entry into the world of trading, they can now also contribute to ethical investments. Through them, merchants will help in the development of some small enterprises and communities, but also in the development of some environmental ideas. The main motto of their partnership is sustainability and an ethical approach to life and nature.

William refused space flights

Prince William is completely eco-friendly. He is in an interview with BBC He admitted that he is not a big fan of space flight. Such trips leave a large carbon footprint, which will put even more pressure on nature.

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“We need the best minds and minds in the world to try to fix this planet, not try to find somewhere else to live,” He told the BBC.

Their father was already interested in climate problems. Prince Charles pioneered this trend and paved the way for them to fight to save the environment. For this reason, William and his family are currently more concerned about space travel than space travel, which would be hard to stop.

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Kate Middleton and William visit Kew Gardens

Source: Profimedia

George is angry at some absurdity

Kate and William raise the three children in this spirit. At this age, they assure them that they must respect and protect nature. For this reason, George was said to be unhappy and disappointed with some of the troublemakers. He is nervous about the current climate situation, but at the same time he is a little confused. Two young children are not yet interested in this issue.

“Charlotte is still young, she’s not sure, and Lewis currently enjoys playing outside all the time – she basically lives outside,” Prince William said with a smile.


William knows his children’s future is at stake, leading them to respect nature: Little Prince George…

At the same time, he added, over time, the two would become more concerned with the environment, only for the time being it would be fun for them to play and more important than the global climate problem.

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Very disappointed by the memory of their mother

Relentless! Next week, Kensington Palace will host all of the sponsors who helped create the statue of Princess Diana. It was revealed symbolically at the beginning of summer, on the day of her 60th birthday. Her two sons were present at the party.

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Statue of Princess Diana, unveiled by Harry and William, Kensington Palace, July 2021

Source: Profimedia

But now Harry and William’s tracks have separated. Harry decides not to meet the donors, so all the responsibilities remain with his older brother. Remotely, he tries to help out with at least a few meetings.

According to English journalists, Harry should thank some of the donors, at least in person, through a video call. Although he fails to make it to the main event, he tries to help his brother in at least this way.

It seems that, despite the disagreements in the family, the brothers do not forget about the main thing. Do you think their relationship will be as close as it was in the past?See also other photos in our gallery: