January 16, 2022

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Biden resumes Chinese laboratory path

Story – Provoking Beijing’s anger, the Democratic leader instructs his companies to dig the open path for Trump.

Washington Correspondent

The path of the accidental onset of the Govt-19 epidemic was taken seriously by the new US administration. Joe Biden ordered his intelligence agencies on Wednesday. “DoublingAttempts at their investigation into the onset of the epidemic, including the hypothesis of an accident in a Chinese laboratory. He asked that a report be submitted to him within three months and that US laboratories assist with the investigation.

Biden explained that US intelligence acknowledged the existence of the virus, whether it was of animal origin or from a laboratory.Two possible scenarios without a definite conclusion ”. “Currently, two agencies are leaning towards the first scene, the second one, each with less or moderate confidence; the majority do not think there is enough information to rate more than one.

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