January 24, 2022

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Bezos left Amazon to file lawsuits against SpaceX

Elon Musk He doesn’t really put a handkerchief in front of his mouth. He criticizes in his new post on Twitter Jeff Bezos, claiming it Former CEO Society Amazon Retire so he can “Full-time lawsuits filed against SpaceX”. The servant pointed to the news the edge.

Jeff Bezos is not only known for running a world-famous company. Under his hands, the company Blue Origin focused on space exploration was created. Even recently Completed his first journey to the edge of space.

SpaceX vs Blue Origin

Blue Origin filed a lawsuit against NASA earlier this month. This happened shortly after it lost the battle for an important contract against SpaceX. Specifically, it was permission to send astronauts to the moon. but that is not all. This week, the FCC urged the rejection of newly submitted SpaceX plans to send another batch of Starlink satellites into Earth orbit.

In response to this request by Elon Musk on Twitter Posted a post, in which Jeff Bezos is accused, without any restrictions, of retiring only in order to devote himself entirely to filing lawsuits against SpaceX.

It should be noted that this move by Blue Origin does not necessarily mean that SpaceX does not want to launch more satellites into space. Apparently, it was more about the company to be more specific and detailed in its plans.

Another 30,000 satellites from SpaceX

starlink internet Currently supported by approx 1740 satellites It revolves around the Earth in a low orbit. Services are provided by nearly 90,000 customers, and their number is still growing. SpaceX wants to send more into orbit in the near future 30,000 satellites. To do this, the FCC must inform them of the exact locations planned. Amazon’s problem is that SpaceX essentially requires the FCC to approve two completely different orbital configurations.

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“SpaceX’s new approach, which calls for two exclusive configurations, goes against the Commission’s rules and public policy, and we therefore call on the Commission to reject this proposal.” Maria Dodson Schumann, an attorney at Amazon subsidiary Kyber Systems, wrote.

It is also mentioned that dealing with two competing configurations “Technical Effort Doubles”which must be borne by other operators. Of course, Kuiper Systems is one of them, which has not yet launched the first satellites into orbit. The two competing configurations are supposed to lead to more waste and also to indicate interference.