January 24, 2022

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Battlefield Mobile has appeared on the Play Store.  What did the official description tell us about the game?

Battlefield Mobile has appeared on the Play Store. What did the official description tell us about the game?

The portable sub of the popular series is not yet available for download. However, we learned a lot of information.

Topic dedicate The Eurogamer portal, which in its article drew attention to the upcoming test of the game. EA HO Planned This fall, only owners of Google devices from Indonesia and the Philippines are eligible to participate. Therefore, we do not currently download the game in our region.

Later, however, the beta version will be made available to players from other regions of the world, but no country has been identified.

However, it should be noted that all progress will be erased after the test and players will have to start over. However, initially, only the iconic Conquest mode, which is based on conquering strategic points on large battlefields, and the Grand Bazaar map, which you can learn about from Battlefield 3 will be available.

There is also a full continuation of the Battlefield series in development:

war for all

From the official description of the game on the Play Store, we have learned interesting details about the gameplay. Battlefield Mobile, as the game is called, aims to bring several multiplayer modes, which some veterans of the series will be familiar with. There will also be armored vehicles and extensive destruction of the surrounding area.

Players are given a choice of four playable classes – Assault, Support, Medic, and Recon – each suited to a different playstyle. In addition, they will be able to modify and improve their virtual soldier with more deadly weapons, cosmetics and useful devices.

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Let’s add that Battlefield Mobile is a free game, which means we download it for free. Of course, it will contain microtransactions, and according to the warning in the Play Store, it also appears to contain ads. The release date isn’t firmly engraved in stone, but the game should arrive within the next year.