October 23, 2021

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Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Screenshot 5

Battlefield Hazard Zone is finally introduced, that’s how it’ll work

One of the main modes in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is fast approaching, but to this day we still don’t know how one of the three main game modes will work. In addition to the traditional conquest in the form of All-Out Warfare and Editor Battlefield GateIn the game we can also find the danger zone.

That was only what was described in detail today, even with the first trailer. Show demonstrations from the game but also great views of Battlefield 2042 Maps. Watch the trailer and let’s delve into the details of the danger zone mode, which reminds us a bit Escape from Tarkov.

Battlefield Hazard Zone – Team Tactical Action

The danger zone is designed for groups of four players. There will be a total of 24 players (6 teams) on one map on PS4 and Xbox One, and PC, Xbox and PS5 series owners will play 32 players (8 teams) on one map. Live players will also encounter the occupying forces, which are the enemies of artificial intelligence.

Before each game, players are given the opportunity to choose a specialist and equipment. There will be four different specialists on each team, and players cannot choose two from the same team. During the match, players will also be helped by Uplinky, laptops placed on the map, thanks to which they will receive a vehicle, a robotic guard, and even the opportunity to return their fallen teammates to the game.

The danger zone will take place on all seven Battlefield 2042 maps. From the sky, satellites with valuable hard drives will fall on the map. Teams will collect these discs and then have to extract them from the map. Before the match begins, there will be a summary with a map of the probability of spawning discs.

Players will have two windows to successfully exit the map. The extraction sites are chosen randomly. The first window will open shortly after the start of the match. After that, a deadly storm will swallow the map and players will have only one option to extract it. Additionally, data discs can be tracked with a scanner, so you can see discs that other players have taken. Other players see you.

The reward for a successful disc release is XP points in addition to the name of the game Dark Market Credits. For these credits, players will be able to purchase equipment and weapons for other matches and can only be obtained through gameplay. It cannot be purchased through microtransactions.

For the DMC, you will also be able to purchase tactical improvements for yourself and your team. For example, you can increase the number of grenades, lock objects, or speed up the exchange of weapons during a match.

One match in the danger zone will last between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the extraction time. Experience progression and experience are shared between Danger Zone and other classic Battlefield 2042 modes.

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Lukas Kanek