November 28, 2021

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Battle of Florida: The Panthers Show Their Muscle

Battle of Florida: The Panthers Show Their Muscle

Who would change the guards? It’s too early to make this statement, but the emerging trend can no longer be overlooked. And Florida’s first seasonal fight on Wednesday night only confirmed that.

The Florida Panthers also made their third debut in the new year, when they took the Tampa Bay Lightning 4:1 and are still 100%. The defending champion fell twice for the second time out of four duels.

“We can’t be happy. The year isn’t going the way we want it to,” Barq sighed. Stephen Stamkos. “We still have only four games left, but we need to improve immediately.”

So far, completely different feelings reign in the second American club. Cheetahs ran perfectly. They settled on top of the Eastern Conference table, plus an impressive score of 14:6. And knowing that they’re discovering other powerful parts of their machines.

Wednesday night, they were young Spencer Knight a Anton Lundell. In a popular country in the eastern United States, at the age of twenty, they can not legally buy a drink, but they have become ruthless among the barriers.

“They both did exceptionally well,” said Panthers coach Joel Quinville. The captain added, “They played an excellent game. We are excited to have them in the team. They are improving before our eyes.” Alexander Barkov.

Video: Barkov scores the winning goal against Tampa

Knight practically performed flawlessly and scored 30 successful interventions. Only beat him at the beginning of the second semester Brayden Point. The Daren native reliably seized many other opportunities.

Knight smiled, “I did my best all summer to be well prepared for the season. Now I’m trying to make the most of it.” “It’s been a lot of fun so far. But I have to thank the boys in front of me for helping me out a lot.”

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The number 13 player in the 2019 draft jumped to his first duel of the year and was instantly dazzled. The Panthers have a very good Knight teammate with Sergey Bobrovsky, as well as a goalkeeper who can continue to improve.

The Panthers were able to handle a major position at the end of the first chapter, when they had to defend nearly five-and-a-half times as three against five. Thanks Knight, they did that a lot.

“He picked up a lot of it. We couldn’t have done without it,” Quinville said. “He made a very calm and confident impression. He has a lot to do with the win, we can count on him.”

Video: Barkov scores the winning goal against Tampa

Knight was well on loan by his counterpart Londel. In his third debut in the elite league abroad, he scored his first goal, as well as one assist. To this we can add two plus points in the snowboard participation rating, three shots and one hit.

“It was a great evening for all of us,” the Finnish striker rejoiced after the valuable scalp. “I’m glad I was finally able to help the boys with a contribution of points. It’s the right motivation for me to do more duels.”

The Finnish national team was rewarded for consistently excellent performance at the third attempt. Since the beginning of the year he has been one of the best players on the team, he has a lot of space on the ice and can use it properly. Now also in points.

“He is excellent. He plays very hard and does not slow down even in the advanced stages of the matches,” Barkov noted. “After the matches, he adds, the next day he’s among the first in training. He’s put everything into hockey. And that’s exactly what you want to see in the young players.”

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It’s important for Panthers to find that they don’t have to rely solely on proven names. Although they also opposed the Stanley Cup advocates. Barkov scored a goal and a pass, Reinhardt added two passes. Jonathan Huberdeau He may not have scored, but Florida may not be so sorry.

“The moment we took the initiative, I no longer doubted our victory,” Barkov emphasized. “We played very well and controlled the game. Sure, the opponent got some chances, but the defenders and the goalkeeper managed it.”

Coach Quinville’s accusations did not mask their high pre-season ambitions. And the start of the season clearly shows that it must be taken into account. Florida could be theirs again years later.