January 21, 2022

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Barbados was a republic, Elizabeth II.  He will no longer rule over him

Barbados was a republic, Elizabeth II. He will no longer rule over him

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Only fifteen states belong to the crown.

Bridgetown, Bratislava. On Wednesday, May 14, 1625, the first English ship anchored under Captain John Powell. Barbados And declared it the territory of King James I. At that time, British rule over the region began, which ended on Tuesday.

From 1627, English settlers, mostly wealthy families, began to settle on the island. Very soon they brought slaves from Africa to destroy the original people and create sugar plantations.

Thus they created a slave society, which became a cruel precedent for all other English colonies in the Caribbean, especially for the cruel treatment of slaves and the laws that discriminated between blacks and whites. A kind of experimental laboratory whose results were used in other Caribbean colonies.

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Republic of Barbados

Thanks to the island’s wealth, England and later Great Britain became a naval power. The slave labor of the ancestors of present-day Barbados also helped.

“This is history we can never be proud of, but we need to understand,” local journalist Suleiman Bulbulia told the Guardian.

Barbados gained independence in 1966, but was still ruled by Queen Elizabeth II. Tuesday night, when President Sandra Mason became a Republican, the island suffered a final setback from its colonial past.

From the dark days of our past, to the outrageous atrocities of slavery that are the eternal stain of our history, the people of this island have built their way with exceptional determination.

British Prince Charles

Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, also came to Barbados to “say goodbye.” Speaking at the ceremony on Monday, he said, “We are enjoying a milestone in the long journey.

Charles acknowledged the atrocities committed by British colonialists in Ghana in the past. He did the same in Barbados.

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