November 30, 2021

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Ballon d’Or: Chelsea’s favorite Jorginho sleeps in the dirt, lives from €20 a week

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Jurgen’s favorite in competition with Lewandowski, Messi or Salah? It seems nonsense. However, given the criteria in the Ballon d’Or poll, this is not ridiculous.

In addition to individual performance, voters also take into account team achievements. And within them, the 29-year-old midfielder will outlast the competition. He triumphed with Chelsea in the Champions League, with Italy for the Euro. He was not a major figure in his accomplishments, but he contributed a lot. According to the bookmaker, who is fourth and ahead The alleged leaked results Even the third biggest contender to win the Ballon d’Or?

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He slept with fifty in a dirty room

That the name Jorge Luiz Frilo Filho doesn’t sound Italian to you? He was born in the coastal city of Imbituba in southeastern Brazil. He wanted to be a football player since the age of five. He passed the exams in three football clubs of the city of São Paulo. It was rejected everywhere.

In Guabiruba, 180 kilometers from his home, he signed up for an Italian football agent at the age of 13. “He said that those who do well have little chance of going to Italy. Who wouldn’t want to go to Europe, right?” Jorginho begins his story for

Conditions were incomparable with European camps or academies. “It was like the army. Training twice a day and then studying. Fifty players slept in a dirty room on bunk beds stacked next to each other. We ate the same plate three times a day. There was no hot water in the bathrooms even in winter. Outside, Local gangs tried to rob us.

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However, the worst was when the cleaning worker finished due to non-payment of money. At this point, you cannot rinse the paper after it is urgently needed, it will clog up the waste. We threw the used toilet in the trash. Well, when no one was there to empty the trash for a few weeks… you can imagine. I held my breath in the toilet, but I got used to it. People adapt to everything. When you want something so much, it is impossible to give up.”

When Georgin’s mother came to visit and saw the conditions there, she sent him to pack his belongings. She said her son would not live like this. I replied that if she made me go home and not become a professional footballer, I would blame her for the rest of my life. She finally left the house crying alone.”

He lives on 20 euros a week. mentally collapsed

Jorginho lasted for two years, at the age of fifteen he signed with Hellas Verona. He was housed in an old monastery in a small room with five other young men. After three months of excitement, he began to miss his home.

“Plus, I was living on €20 a week the agent gave me. One of the campers is in Guaruppa. I called my family in Brazil for five, something went to buy shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste, and I spent the rest in an online café talking with friends and family.” When I indulged in it, I bought a milkshake at McDonald’s for a euro. No French fries or hamburgers. It was the happy meal of the rich kids.”

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He lived alone for a year and a half. When he started training with the first team, he broke up with the agent: “I don’t want to talk about it, but it was bad. It broke my mind. I called my mom that I’m done and I’m going home. She replied that my door was locked. My parents, with whom they lived separately, told me the same The thing. Then they called me when I got this far after all the suffering, I can’t give up. My sister later told me that my mother broke down after the phone call. Unfortunately, the parents were strong when they had to.”

Helping Jorginho Hellas advance to Serie A, in the middle of the junior season he became a teammate of Marek Hamšík in Naples. Half a year later, they celebrated a victory in the Italian Cup. The fanaticism of the local fans was entertained to the hilt of design.

Disappoint the whole nation

He preferred the Italian national team over the Brazilian national team (his great-grandfather was Italian). “It was an easy choice. Brazil did not allow me to fulfill my dream, and when I needed help, Italy helped me. How then could I turn my back when Italy needed me?”

He missed only a quarter of an hour in Euro 2020. He did not convert the penalty in the last shot, but the English failed in the lottery again: “Roberto Mancini deserves great recognition. Some coaches force players to adapt their style, and he adapts the style to the players.

And the penalty dropped? You cannot imagine what it would be like to disappoint the entire nation. After the win, it was forgotten, but that moment will be with me forever. Poor dad, after the end, said to me, ‘Jorge, you can’t do this to me. Now I have to see a cardiologist.”

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sari puppy? cash is fuel

Jorginho, a Chelsea player for the fourth season, was taken by coach Maurizio Sarri from Napoli. Upon his arrival, he faced sharp criticism: “I was said to be slow and weak. They called me puppy Sari. It annoyed me so much.”

It was a turbulent start in every club, they underestimated me. Verona even sent me to the fourth league. However, she worked hard and always earned respect. I used criticism as fuel and I thank the critics today.”

He won with Chelsea in the Champions League and the European League. He is one of the busiest players in London. And while they likely won’t win the Ballon d’Or rivaling Lewandowski or Messi, their company is already an honor among their favorites. And certainly bigger than he dreamed of when he held his breath in a filthy toilet in a Brazilian camp at the age of 14.