October 23, 2021

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Bagarova and her daughter are fighting against Cofidus!  Little Rummy's condition has worsened!

Bagarova and her daughter are fighting against Cofidus! Little Rummy’s condition has worsened!

A few days ago, Monica published an unpleasant news, which she can see more and more among celebrities – “I have corona virusAt the time, she described symptoms of COVID-19 as only mild, and wrote mainly about extreme fatigue and headaches. Ruminka just a little “I coughed here and thereHowever, the situation is changing, and not in the right direction.

In addition to adorable photos with her daughter and even videos where she performs in one more beautiful outfit than another, she admitted. impressionsThat the course of the disease is not entirely poetic. Instead of the symptoms disappearing, other, very unpleasant ones were added.

Listen to one of Monica’s songs:

“The temperature and winter came today. But, I think, we manage so favorably that we listen to beautiful music, Rumenka still smiles and often rests with her mother.Monica, a positive mother, described the change in her daughter’s health. Perhaps that’s why her words were surprisingly light: “It’s the flu for us. We’re doing better every day and that’s important„.

Despite her illness, little Ruminka still has fun:

When Monica writes “everyone,” she means not only herself and Romia, but her parents as well. They’re making Monica’s instead of Makhmud, which is currently in Las Vegas. They are all in quarantine together, because Rumenka’s grandparents also tested positive. “Grandpa makes us vitamin bombs and Grandma makes the best soups,” The singer wrote about how she currently works at home.

It contains one important link for all fans: “Please, people, do not worry and be in a positive mood, this is important for your psyche in general, so it handles everything better ”. You can only agree with Monica on this, perhaps this recipe will be implemented in her family as soon as possible.

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Source: instagram / topstar.sk