January 28, 2022

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Backing up PET bottles and cans has become a reality. This is how it works

Slovakia has been in the PET bottle and cans backup system since January 1, 2022, and therefore is already in practice.

Recently we visited the company TOMRA which is dedicated to PET bottle collecting machine, and in this article we will repeat the basic principles of how the backup system works in our country.

How do I know the spare bottle?

From January 1, PET bottles with strong mark will be put into circulation The letter Z. These are also covered by the entire backup system. When you buy a drink in a PET bottle with a Z code, you pay at the store 15 cents deposit. You can then return the bottle to another store where these bottles are sold. The seller must make sure that he takes these bottles from you.

It is not necessary to use a vending machine, as with a larger store, but it can also be a manual download suitable for small organizations. The bottle always comes back Do not deform in its original form, we are checking if the cap should already be on it (this requirement was not originally). It should be empty, but the presence of a small amount of liquid in it is not a problem. The machine will refuse to take the broken or deformed bottle and will not refund your deposit. This is to protect against fraud – the shape of the bottle and its barcode are checked. It can’t be damaged either.

Source: Ondrej Macko / TOUCHIT.sk
Our backup PET bottles have the letter Z on them

The machine for reading and checking the data deforms the bottle so that it takes up as little space as possible, and in this form it is sent for further processing.

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TomraSource: Ondrej Macko / TOUCHIT.sk
PET bottles are like this after loading

Can they still sell drinks in unsupported bottles?

Until July 1, 2022, PET bottled beverages without a Z code, which are not covered by this deposit system, can still be sold in-store. You do not pay a deposit for it and do not get it back. The machine will not even receive it, it must be placed in the existing system of yellow collection containers.

What drinks does the spare cap cover?

For back-up packaging, note the symbol in the recycling arrows (Z) near the barcode and the text BACKED UP. PET bottles marked with the Z symbol are designed for Mineral waterAnd sweetened drinksAnd beerAnd vintageAnd Juices But not for milk, juice, oil, strong alcohol, etc. The backup applies to bottles with a capacity of 0.1 to 3 liters inclusive and in the same way Also applies to cans. A deposit of 15 cents is also paid for the can.

Source: Ondrej Macko / TOUCHIT.sk
Technological interior of TOMRA devices with advanced imaging and parameter recognition

Who will pay for it all?

The non-profit organization behind the Reserve Policy Making System Backup Manager. At the same time, the merchant returns the collected package to this official, who pays him money for the advance and also Processing feeAs punishment for handling packaging. Then the entire collected and computed material goes to the recycler, where the PET packages and cans are final processed and the whole cycle begins again. The system is funded by product fees, material sales and uncollected advances.

How can I get my money back?

When you turn over a PET bottle or canister to the backup system, you receive a paper coupon from the vending machine, which can be exchanged for goods at the store’s cash register, as well as for cash. We’ll see it in person on the mobile app, respectively. An account where the returned bottles will be summed up and the full amount deposit can be claimed later. However, such a possibility does not exist yet.

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