January 29, 2022

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Back and forth.  Looks like the man who crossed the border into the DPRK was going home

Back and forth. Looks like the man who crossed the border into the DPRK was going home

The South Korean government does not believe it is spying in this case.

spirit. The stranger who crossed the heavily guarded border from South Korea into the DPRK over the weekend may have been a North Korean who fled through the same part of the DMZ to the south in 2020.

According to Reuters, the South Korean Defense Ministry said that today.

A refugee can be a gymnast

South Korean security forces identified the suspect with the help of a monitoring device on Saturday in the eastern part of the demilitarized zone separating the two countries. The soldiers tried to stop her, but they could not find her. The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) then sent a request to the DPRK to protect this man via the hotline.

“The authorities are assuming that this person is a North Korean refugee. They are now checking the available information,” the South Korean Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“The video recordings show that the man looked alike and was dressed as the man who fled to South Korea in November 2020,” a ministry official told reporters. He added that the South Korean government did not believe it would be espionage in this case.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap Agency, the refugee is a former North Korean gymnast, who last year crossed the border barrier in the eastern part of the demilitarized zone to reach South Korea.

Only thirty are back

According to the Associated Press, about 34,000 North Koreans have traveled to South Korea since the late 1990s to avoid poverty or political persecution in their homeland.

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However, the vast majority of them came via China or Southeast Asian countries. Cases of escape through the demilitarized zone are rare. Cases of drifting from South Korea to impoverished and authoritarian North Korea are exceptional.

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The Ministry of Defense of South Korea did not say why, in its opinion, the refugee decided to return to the DPRK at the end of the week.

North and South Korea have technically been at war since the 1950-53 war because the cease-fire ended the cease-fire, not the signing of a proper peace treaty.

Countries are divided into a demilitarized zone, considered the most powerful armed border in the world. In an area four kilometers wide and 248 kilometers long (and in its vicinity) there are an estimated more than two million mines, according to the Associated Press.

The border is guarded by soldiers, tank traps and barbed wire.