January 21, 2022

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AUTOTEST Meet the Hyundai Kona Electric: an interesting shape

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Today, the Korean Hyundai offers in Slovakia as many as two electric models and two hybrid models. How do you drive cheaper than them?

Hyundai Kona Electric gets a version with a 64 kWh battery and 150 kW / 204 output or – as in our case – a 39.2 kWh / 100 kW / 136 hp battery. This is an interesting offer for €35,490 (€1,500 less per share). We decided to see if the weaker version was enough or if it was reasonable to pay an additional 7,000 euros for a more powerful one.

At first glance, an electric car

Externally, you can recognize the electric version relatively easily – the front bumper is missing a radiator grille. The rest of the beautifully round body shapes that benefit aerodynamics. We have already mentioned the price, it is not low, but I will be pleased that the basic equipment is already rich. We won’t get into it unnecessarily, we’ll just mention that LED headlights, a head-up display, a 10.25-inch navigation system with Krell’s premium audio and security systems are all already standard. Inside, we were a little surprised by the hard plastic on the dashboard and side door panels. In this price category, we are used to high-quality materials. However, this did not limit the functionality, and the quality of processing was also excellent. After all, almost half the price went to the batteries.

There’s a new digital instrument panel, which, however, doesn’t seem like much value for framing with some kind of rubber. As if there was an extra bet. The central touchscreen, on the other hand, is very nice, and you’ll also find large rotary controls and silver buttons on the bottom. We also liked the classic climate control. There is no storage space. The transmission is controlled by modern buttons. Driving modes, heated steering wheel and seats, and more are also available.

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We’re sitting too high, and we’d like to lower the driver’s seat a bit. The side seats aren’t a big deal, but it’s not a sports car. On the left under the steering wheel you’ll find the classic controls for the head-up display, dimming screens and parking sensors. The buttons in the door also have a classic design. The case with a base volume of 332 liters is fine (the regular Kona has 374 liters), not looking for a spare, but there is room for charging cables. Unfortunately, the manufacturer offers only a charging cable from a standard 220V socket as standard. If you want a cable for a fast charger, you have to pay about 600 euros.

How do you drive with less power?

Curb weight – 1.610 kg, maximum weight – 2020 kg. And is 100 kW / 136 hp enough for that? The thrust of the engine is good, at the rotor you will now and then plow through the inner front wheel. It does not lack torque. However, the maximum speed is only 155 km / h.

As mentioned at the beginning – we have a weaker version with weaker performance and weaker battery. The manufacturer indicates a maximum optimum range of 305 kilometers according to WLTP. On our test circuit, we got an average consumption of 14 kW / 100 km, which is a good result. We also traveled on the highway. With a 39 kWh battery, you can achieve a range of 250 to 280 km, depending on your driving style and weather conditions. It might be enough for someone who lives and commutes, especially in the city, but it would seem relatively small to someone else who lives somewhere in the countryside. It has the option of a more powerful version with a 64 kWh battery. For an extra 7,000 euros, we think it’s definitely worth going for a more powerful version. Up to 484 km (manufacturer data) is a battle word, or a very practical value.

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Our rating

A weaker version is enough for the city, but we will definitely pay an extra 7,000 euros for a stronger version. In addition to the larger battery and better range, you get an additional 50 kW / 68 power.

Text: Michel Badnour