January 16, 2022

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Austria takes new measures against the Corona virus: the regime is tight on the unvaccinated

Austria takes new measures against the Corona virus: the regime is tight on the unvaccinated

In the first stage – from September 15 – respectively. With an occupancy of 10 per cent of intensive care units (200 beds), non-vaccinators will have to wear FFP2 respirators, for example when shopping or on public transport, regular blinds will not be enough. However, Health Minister Wolfgang Mokstein also recommends the use of respirators for vaccination. Additionally, the validity of antigen tests will be shortened from the current 48 hours to 24 hours. The exceptions will be students who are tested three times a week.

3G and 2G bases

The government also wants to tighten control over the current procedures. The so-called rule 3G, that is, confirmation of vaccination, negative test or overcoming of the disease COVID-19, will already be applied at events with the participation of 25 people (so far it has been 100 people).

If the bed occupancy rate in intensive care units reaches 15 percent (300 beds), he will not have access to businesses such as discos or nightclubs within seven days (Rule 2g). This will also apply to events without specified seats with more than 500 participants. Mückstein expects this phase of the procedure to take place in early October.

If the bed occupancy in JIS reaches 20 percent (400 beds), after a week, the regulation will come into force, according to which only the most accurate PCR tests will be recognized when visiting cinemas or restaurants, and antigen tests will be completely finished.

unvaccinated pandemic

The answer is vaccination, not closure. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, speaking of the “unvaccinated pandemic,” said. “He who cannot be vaccinated will become infected.” warned. According to him, the model in the fight against Covid is Denmark, where 86 percent of the population has been vaccinated, and therefore the local government was able to cancel anti-epidemic measures as of Friday. The rules set in this way are also intended to protect Austria from missing out on the important winter tourism season. Tyrolean Prime Minister Gunther Blatter confirmed that “next winter will be”.

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Corona virus in numbers

2,268 new infections were recorded in Austria during the past 24 hours on Wednesday. The seven-day incidence rate is 137 cases per 100,000 population. They admitted 100 new patients infected with the virus to hospitals during the week – there are 645 people currently in the hospital; 180 of them are in JIS.