January 16, 2022

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Australia has been rocked by anti-government protests and clashes with police

Residents of several metropolitan areas are ordered to stay home for a month to prevent a recurrence of the Govt-19 epidemic.

Thousands of people protested against the protests in Australia’s two major cities on Saturday, and many more have been arrested after violent clashes with police in Sydney. In Sydney, residents throw flowers and bottles at police and protesters There is an order to stay at home For a month to start the Govt-19 infection again. In Melbourne, local media reported that thousands of people had taken to the streets outside the Victorian state parliament in the afternoon.

The masked protesters violated the rules on non-essential trips and public meetings provided by the authorities, the latter indicating that the measures could apply until October. “Raise Australia(Australia, Awake) read on the boards, slogans echoing the messages found in similar struggles abroad.

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Helicopters flew over the streets of Sydney, a city of five million people struggling to recover from an outbreak of the delta variant of the corona virus as the state of New South Wales (the capital) recorded 163 new cases on Saturday. The total number of infections is now nearly 2,000. “A number of people have been arrested so far during the operationSydney police said. He promised to protect. “Freedom of expression and peaceful meeting“Considering the violation of Saturday’s demonstration”Public health orders are in effect“Organizers called the protest a rallyFreedomAnnounced this on social networks that are often used to spread misinformation about vaccines. Similar meetings were planned in other cities.

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Australia, largely untouched by epidemics during its first waves, is now plagued by a highly contagious delta variation and half of its 25 million people are trapped in multiple cities. There is growing anger in the country over the restrictions, often only partially enforced, and the Conservative government’s inability to provide adequate vaccines. Only 11% of the population is fully vaccinated.

Sydney MP Stephen Jones condemned the protesters and called on them.Selfish and irresponsible fools. «No one wants to be imprisoned. This is how we finally create it“, Did he announce?