December 2, 2021

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Attila Vig, Ritmus, Fryer Flexking and other rappers will face each other in the ring in the Fight Night Challenge!

Attila Vig, Ritmus, Fryer Flexking and other rappers will face each other in the ring in the Fight Night Challenge!

Boxing in Slovakia is one of the most popular sports, and fans of martial arts have another reason for joy. He’s heading to Slovakia Night Challenge Fight One of the most important boxing holidays in Central Europe.

Popular mixed martial arts fighters and rappers will face each other in a more mainstream event.

the Warriors: In Fight Night Challenge, Attila Vig (SK), Patrick Ritmus Verbowski (SK), Emmanuel Newton (USA), istychov (SK), Gábor Boráros (SK), Jakub Gazdík (CZ), Laky Royal (CZ), Erik Tlkanec (SK), Moloch Vlavo (SK), Michal Plesník (SK), Frayer Flexking (SK) and Denis Farkaš (SK).

Pairings between fighters have not been identified. The Fight Night Challenge will be a series of events, each consisting of five matches.

With an unconventional lineup of fighters, the organizers want to bring boxing closer to those who don’t usually follow it. The fights will take place on December 27 and it will be possible to monitor them on a pay-per-view basis and, if anti-epidemic measures allow, also directly from the point of view.

Support from the strongest gym

An evening dedicated to hard boxing is organized by the Events Agency Evency, who also collaborates with the well-known Spartakus Fight Gym for the Fight Night Challenge, It is also a kind of guarantor of professional wrestling.

Spartakus Fight Gym is a sports club that focuses on martial arts, fitness and a healthy lifestyle that encourages healthy competition. We welcome the association with Evency, so that these ideas reach as many people as possible,“Spartacus Fight Gym’s Edward Gerrick explains. Similar collaborations give the martial arts in Slovakia the impetus and are seen by more and more people.

Rytmus and Attila Végh are also in the ring

Fighting formation promises an adrenaline-friendly experience for mainstream audiencesWhich is confirmed by the joy of Attila Vig. “Personally, I am glad that the interest in martial arts is increasing. I feel like people no longer just see us as some adrenaline jerk, but our matches are getting more interesting even among casual spectators. I think Fight Night Challenge will give them great fun.

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Rytmus is also looking forward to the fight: “The next match is another big personal combat challenge for me. We will reveal the name of my opponent soon at a press conference. I want to give people the chance to experience good adrenaline again. I’ve been training a lot and looking forward to it“Patrick” promises the rhythm of Vrbovsky.