January 16, 2022

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Attention drivers!  After the new car, you cannot sell the towed car for parts or sell it

Attention drivers! After the new car, you cannot sell the towed car for parts or sell it

You cannot sell or sell a registered vehicle. Source: Zoznam.sk / Peter Korček

Bratislava – Owning a car today is still a luxury for some Slovaks who just can’t afford it. Especially for various fees, compulsory contractual insurance, fuel prices, spare parts and service prices. So it is better if someone sells the car or gets rid of it. Especially if the car is stationary or you no longer want to use it.

Car scrapping is extreme and the last thing you should do if you want to get rid of a car. Deregistering a vehicle from the registry is not a complicated process. Just meet the basic conditions, pay the appropriate fees and you are responsible. There are several reasons to temporarily inspect the car. You don’t want to use the car for a few months or years, it is immobile or there is some other related reason. For example, traveling abroad. “The reason is that you can use the car to work, but you’re trying to optimize costs and you won’t need it for a while.” Displays the portal superpoistenie.sk. Remember that if the vehicle is temporarily removed from the registry, you will not be able to drive it for the duration of the decommissioning period and you must comply with the legal requirements.

The car cannot be destroyed or sold for parts and you cannot use it on the road. During the temporary shutdown period, the vehicle must be within the reach of the inspection department. The exception is the case if you hand over the car for scrapping, that is, for processing and then removed from the car registry. “If you are the owner of the car, during the temporary shutdown it is possible to request the transfer of sales of the car to another person, registration of the owner or owner of the car and a change of ownership rights.” Report superpoistenie.sk portal. At check-out, the vehicle must have a valid MOT and the mandatory contractual insurance and administrative fees paid.

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You cannot sell or sell a registered vehicle. Source: Zoznam.sk / Peter Korček

Within 15 days of issuing the decision on temporary deregistration, you must submit the technical license and plates with the vehicle registration number to the traffic inspectorate. But what if you decide to return your car to service? As soon as the temporary check-out period has expired, you are obligated to report to the traffic inspectorate within 30 days. You can then order the re-registration of the vehicle and you will also be able to prove the validity of the mandatory contractual insurance of the police. €5 is paid for this service and no proof of technical or emissions control is required.” Provides portal superpoistenie.sk.

How much does a temporary check-out cost?

up to 1 year – 5 euros

From 1 to 2 years – 20 euros

From 2 to 4 years – 35 euros

From 4 to 6 years – 70 euros

From 6 to 10 years – 170 EUR

More than 10 years – 350 euros

When checking the vehicle, you need a valid identity document if you are using the vehicle for commercial purposes in addition to the original extract from the commercial register or trade license. Next, a Part Two Registration Certificate, and if you have a Smart Card or Part One Registration Certificate, you must also provide one. During the period when you decided to temporarily inspect the car, do not pay the compulsory contractual insurance, which you must inform your insurance company about.