January 19, 2022

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At the age of sixteen, she left school and started working with her mother to get something to eat: today she earns from the royal family

At the age of sixteen, she left school and started working with her mother to get something to eat: today she earns from the royal family

The woman who tried to support her family while working four jobs now earns £100,000 (€118,000) a year at OnlyFans.

As the mirror teaches, Jessica Caswell, 21, left school at 16 to get a job to help cover the cost of rent after her mother, Blythe Caswell, 43, had to quit work due to health issues. She worked as a waitress in two different restaurants and held two more jobs as a small business manager and customer assistant.

While her family was struggling and could barely afford to rent, in 2019 Jessica decided to join OnlyFans to help raise money to support her and her mother. Her subscription gradually increased, and after six months Jessica quit so she could focus solely on her OnlyFans account. She has also created accounts on Snapchat, Instagram and other social media sites to gain more from her new lifestyle.

Life was very difficult when I left school without a qualification. I was forced to leave and take care of my mother and earn money to survive. “I hated working because I couldn’t use the money for anything I wanted, it was just to save us and put food on the table,” said Jessica from New York.

That’s when I decided to try OnlyFans as another income hoping to be more financially secure. After a few months, I realized how much I could earn if I did it full time, and the idea of ​​being my own boss was attractive to me,” Jessica revealed.I moved from the moment I couldn’t afford the rent to a comfortable life and a big spendable annual incomesaid the 21-year-old woman.

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Our financial problems were gone and I was finally able to enjoy lifeJessica said excitedly. Between 2020 and 2021, Jessica scored £100,000 (€118,000) on all of her platforms. There are no plans to stop in the near future. Jessica invested her earnings in her brand “Sassy Jessie” and released her own calendar and one-of-a-kind clothing line. He is currently saving money to buy his dream property in California, where he and his mother can start a new chapter in living together.

OnlyFans has allowed me to have a future to look forward to, rather than a future I fear. People need to understand that it’s like learning and progressing in any other profession you’re working in. One of my main goals is to help other women who occupy positions similar to mine by giving them advice and promoting their site with the help of followers. I am excited about how it all came to this point and look forward to how my business will develop in the coming years,” concluded Jessica.

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