January 29, 2022

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At Ružomberok you will find world-class latte art.  It is made by a Slovak who penetrated Canada, but returned to his homeland

At Ružomberok you will find world-class latte art. It is made by a Slovak who penetrated Canada, but returned to his homeland

Martin Ladňák is the founder of a thriving café called Café Bar Central in Ružomberok. Slovakian is 38 years old From an early age he moved into the food business, helping for many years in a family restaurant and later running a pizzeria or a mountain boarding house. Here he gained a great deal of experience, which he now uses in his own café, which he runs with a team of five baristas.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is also heavily involved in latte art. “As someone who taught himself, after the final, after the nights He trained and got first place in the first latte art competition.” Martin told us.

Source: Cafe Bar Central

After a few experiences in various competitions, he also directed her to tournaments Slovakia, where it took second place. “Thanks to the art of latte, cafes abroad began to notice me too and I was offered to spend three months in Canada. Here too, thanks to me, the cafe moved into the top ten in the city Vancouver.

Thanks for doing it He had the opportunity to meet the best baristas in the world and especially to get inspired. “During this period the entire café team has been such a great support that he managed it perfectly.”

Source: Cafe Bar Central

Courage to do business in Ružomberok

Rosomberok is Martinovo His hometown and place of residence with his family. He claims that thanks to the epidemic She recognized the power of the small town, the people’s desire to support local businesses and community cohesion. Recognize that tourism directly in Ružomberok It is not very active, but also thanks to the epidemic, many Slovak travelers found their way to them. because in this The city also has a Catholic university, and a large part of its clients are also students.

According to him, it is missing in the field of tourism More restaurants downtown otherwise he thinks so Ružomberok and the surrounding areas of Liptov offer plenty of opportunities for gastronomic activities.

Source: Cafe Bar Central

On the other hand, here operations must determine prices Less than, for example, in large cities. “We certainly cannot get prices like those in Bratislava or, say, in nearby Jilina. However, it is clear that something like rents in Ružomberok is very different from Bratislava. We try to offer a high-quality product to as many customers as possible, but this quality cost something.”

Martin took over the cafe As a year old business from his friend who traveled. It was about Slovakia, which part She lived her life in many big cities and wanted to go to Ružomberok Bring something new with local suppliers. Martin tries to preserve this concept to this day. Their cakes, which they bake at the local family bakery, are also a source of great pride.

From the start, we felt that we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the classic trends, both in terms of offering local products and getting closer to the customer. All the coffee makers in our café are unique, the very soul of the café, our customers are everything that adds to the ambiance of the company.”

Source: Cafe Bar Central

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Everyone from this café team He masters the art of latte and can make any coffee drink. “I think I feel very strongly that each of us loves our job and we pass it on. The bonus is that thanks to latte art we can be creative every single day. I realize that gastronomy has a shortage of quality staff, so I currently feel unique in that regard as well.”

Source: Cafe Bar Central

Because the café team has entered In the newly established process, they The costs were and still are just working. But the truth is that technologies are constantly changing and efforts to improve them Several times she was forced to change either the coffee machine or different tasting techniques, cutting off a large part of their finances.

A separate category is also the impact of the pandemic, as the company’s founder has had to postpone a number of planned plans. We are currently grateful that we did our best this year.”

Source: Cafe Bar Central

Martin explains it Business as such forces one to constantly monitor legislation, and to be mindful of changing and often confusing measures. “State measures in the context of the Corona crisis were insufficient and delayed for gastronomy. Only those with strong will and deferred financing survived our surroundings.”

He says it was Big change for everyone, but for the coffee shop He was also motivated to act despite the ever-changing circumstances. The key was to stay creative, To reach customers and not lose contact with them. “It’s interesting, but thanks to the pandemic, a lot of things have crystallized in the process, We have improved and we have learned.”

Source: Cafe Bar Central

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During the crisis, employees received assistance from the state and Martin Where the owner was only engaged in window sales. “We are so grateful to our customers, who have been so supportive of us, and have not forgotten and stopped by even with limited coffee options.”

In Slovakia, several institutions appeared I decided to give the vaccinated people certain benefits. Martin says in this regard that it is not Happy from a situation where the responsibility is placed on the entrepreneurs who are prepared to form judges.

Source: Cafe Bar Central

“To tell the truth, during the first wave, when entrance exams were simultaneously examined, Customer feedback was unpleasant. We will certainly not go into the benefits for a particular group of people, because we fully respect each decision. We welcome everyone with us equally.”

They are an inspiration

Martin also points out that his coffee shop has already reached the point where many coffee shops have been inspired and moved. v latte art. “If we are an inspiration to others, It fills us with joy. NSWe are fortunate that the people around us are mostly positive and friendly. Of course, we also met with negative comments, but we always sorted things out by the title and learned.”

Source: Cafe Bar Central

If you have a way to beat this café, according to its owner, you should try the combo: Cappuccino and Lotus Cheesecake. In the fall, the bestselling London Mist is back again. Prices start from €1.50 for a fresh espresso You get the cheesecake for 2.90 euros.

“NSSince we have established friendly relationship with most of the clients, we are sure that Slovaks are among the good clients who already know how to value quality and also expect quality.” The businessman says in Margo of his customers and offers.

Source: Cafe Bar Central

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It should also be noted that Martin and his team have also entered the market Own coffee brand, which is a huge hit. It only shows during the epidemic They had time to adjust the taste, and then, thanks to daily feedback from customers, they got the final look of high-quality and tasty coffee, which we gradually bring to other establishments.

Café Bar Central currently has no ambition to expand like Café concept. “But no one will ever know, in We mainly expand with our products, which are 7th Heaven coffee and our cakes from FLAN Bakery, which are offered by many coffee shops in the surrounding cities. I see how much energy and time should be devoted to the process, pI am currently working on making new coffees, latte art courses, training staff at several coffee shops, following trends and still trying to improve.”

Those who wish to embark on a similar journey through business also refers to a special At first they didn’t have high expectations. According to him, it is important Perseverance, striving for improvement and, last but not least, entering into business with sufficient financial reserve. “Doing business is not easy, you need to be prepared for 24/7 operating mode, but you are definitely building something your own and unique and that is something that is really important. You just have to persevere.”