November 28, 2021

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ASUS combines laptop and tablet into one device

ASUS combines laptop and tablet into one device

ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLED is a 13.3-inch OLED laptop with detachable keyboard and Windows operating system.

Source: ASUS
Main parameters of ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

Connection of two worlds

ASUS introduced an online printing device that combines two worlds – a laptop and a tablet, both running the Microsoft Windows operating system. The main feature is the 13.3-inch OLED screen, which you can also use as a personal TV. It is a touch screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and support for Dolby Vision PANTONE. The declared contrast is up to 1,000,000: 1, this screen for a response of only 0.2ms, which is especially important for the user, emits 70% less blue light than LCD screens. Your eyes will not hurt even when you watch it for a long time.

ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLEDSource: ASUS
ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

Vivobook 13 Slate OLED Notebook ako

The hardware base of this 2-in-1 device is a 3.3GHz Intel Quad Core processor. The keyboard of this device is removable and can turn your laptop into a tablet. The hinged stand is also part of the device. This allows the Vivobook 13 Slate to be placed in portrait or landscape mode. It is equipped with 256 GB PCIe SSD storage and 8 GB RAM. Intel Bridge technology allows Android apps to run on the Windows 11 interface. The display body contains two USB-C ports, a 3.5mm audio port and a microSD card reader. You can also log in with your fingerprint.

ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLEDSource: ASUS
ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

There are also two cameras. The front camera is 5 MP for video calls and the rear camera is 13 MP for taking pictures or creating videos. You can also use audio filtering of ambient noise for online meetings.

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Quick notes by

The delivery also includes the ASUS Pen 2.0 touch stylus, housed in a magnetic mount. It is a way that you can mark notes or prepare diagrams, it supports 4096 pressure levels for good drawing. Pencil tips are interchangeable and compatible with 2H, H, HB, and 2B marked pencils. The pen is charged using a USB-C charger. After charging for half an hour, it lasts for more than 100 hours. It is connected from the device via bluetooth. You can also use the stylus to take a screenshot or navigate within your presentation. The pen can also be used with apps from Adobe, so a monthly Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is included with delivery.

ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLEDSource: ASUS
Operating Modes ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

The keyboard is magnetically attached, has an ergonomic arrangement of the keys and also includes a soft touchpad.

ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLEDSource: ASUS
Keyboard and Touchpad on ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

sound quality

The audio part doesn’t lag behind the display quality either. It consists of four speakers that support Dolby Atmos and there is also a smart subwoofer so you can hear the reproduced sound better.

Also for players

It is a device for connecting to the Internet and a private cloud, so the fast technology of ASUS Wi-Fi Master will not surprise you. You will also receive a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with this device.

Charging via USB-C

Power is provided by an external USB-C source or a 50Wh battery. The advantage is that you charge this laptop using a standard USB-C charger or power bank. The included adapter allows for fast charging, which means you can charge to more than 60% of the battery capacity in 40 minutes.

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ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLEDSource: ASUS
ASUS Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

when and how much

This device will be launched on the Slovakian market during the first quarter of next year. The press conference also announced that the price is valid for the US market – $599. It is excluding VAT and for the 4GB RAM version. The Slovak market price has not yet been determined.