January 28, 2022

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Assault in Miloslavov: the victim needs help, but the attackers also need help – local – news

Students at Miloslavov will receive help and support this week. It will also be provided by the IPčko Civic Association. Association of Young Psychologists, which administers crisis lines for children and young adults. Psychologist Marek Madro says that the most important thing at the moment is balance and peace. Not only the accident victim but the aggressors also need help.

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Angry people of Miloslav protest on Sunday, January 9, 2022, over an incident in which teenagers attacked an 11-year-old girl.

Surprisingly and cautiously, the village responded, they bore the child. Was this action correct on the part of the municipality?

At the moment, it is very important that the situation is controlled and calmed down as much as possible. As a company, we are full of emotions that are evoked in us. Even though we are “far away”, we are affected and it affects us, because we have this tragedy on our mobile phone and are constantly reminded of it by various publications. What happened is an unjustified act – violence that no one has the right to commit against anyone. Although it is difficult at present, it is necessary to separate the act from the person who committed it. The mayor of the village denounced the violence and injustice that happened.

There is a question: why did this happen? We have contacted Miloslav, and they agree that the accident was the result of social isolation. Is this correct?

There can be many varied reasons, if we want to be really professional we need to look at the whole situation, the actors and the group more thoroughly. The truth is that we, as a society, have been operating for so long in an abnormal situation that we thought could never happen, no one could jeopardize the most common things we have in life, and it did. An invisible virus “stalled” us for several months. According to many studies, young people are dealing with the most difficult epidemiological situation among all age groups. They are in the most sensitive period of their lives and experience it in non-standard conditions that prevent them from going to school and being with their peers if they want to be socially responsible. Violence existed even before the pandemic, but tensions, aggression and polarization in society are secondary consequences of the pandemic.

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Is parental fear in place? How should the school proceed now?

Whatever feelings we are experiencing right now are a natural reaction, we are all different and we respond differently to even the most difficult situations. Fear is normal, and none of us want to hurt our loved ones. We must create a safe environment in both families and schools, where we can give space to the subject, where we can talk openly about the feelings children are feeling now from what they have seen, experienced and perceive. They need to hear that it’s okay to have any feelings, and that we give them space to ask questions and talk about them all. We know that the school in question is also very responsible and sensitive to the whole situation, it wants to prepare for a safe return to school for its students, they have also invited experts and they are trying to calm the situation so that they can return to a normal life. I recommend every school that opens its doors to its students on Mondays to give them the opportunity to talk about it, so that teachers, school psychologists, and support teams can help and accompany their students at this emotionally demanding time.

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There are already rumors that the victim of the accident is going to another school. The family is said to be considering leaving. Is this a solution?

The families of the actors and victims are under a lot of pressure from the offline and online environment, they are going through hard times. One of our bodies’ reactions to stressful situations is to escape from a situation that stresses us some safety. Of course, the decision to stay or move is up to the family itself. Now the situation is very “new” and the next steps and how the whole situation will develop, what solutions the families will decide also depends on how they manage to deal with the situation and what support they will get.

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What is most important at the moment?

At this point, the most important thing is when and what professional help and support will be provided to all those affected by the situation. The victim of this act of aggression needs immediate professional help to get rid of the traumatic effects. Stakeholders and stakeholders also need a professional approach due to the threat to their future development.

Angry Miloslav citizens demonstrate on Sunday 9...

Angry Miloslav citizens demonstrate on Sunday 9...

Is it right for politicians to comment on an issue? The head of the coalition movement We Are a Family, Boris Kollar, claims that children who participated in the incident as offenders should end up in the reformatory until their 18th birthday. The reason is also the possibility that their victim will reach for life. Are these the right words?

I very much welcome the statements of politicians who can do something for young people and our community to help, support and design systemic solutions and effective changes that prevent and eliminate similar acts of violence.

Only teenagers beat 11-year-olds in Miloslavov ...

Only teenagers beat 11-year-olds in Miloslavov ...