January 28, 2022

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As the Swiss see, we make ourselves visible

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Martin Gernát is one of the most experienced Slovak defenders in Europe. After years of titles at Tinec, he moved to Lausanne, where he immediately became the club’s busiest defender.

I hope I’ve convinced coaches to the Olympic seat before, Martin Gernett thinks

The 28-year-old native of Prešov was a key member of the national team at the World Championships in Latvia and also played an important role in the successful Olympic qualification. He did not even hesitate to invite him to the Swiss Cup.

The season is busy and more experienced players prefer to treat their injuries during the team’s rest period. Have you also decided that you do not have to move anywhere from Switzerland?

“Yes, we talked about it with Libor Hodak. My wife and daughter will continue to go to Slovakia during the national team break, so it would be better for me to change the environment from a team to a national team. I am looking forward to the guys.”

I worked in Switzerland for four years and since then the league has gone up quite a bit. Hockey is much faster.

Martin Gernet

How satisfied are you after the transfer from Trinic to Lausanne?

“The start of the season was more difficult, we scored only four goals in five matches. But in the last weeks, it looked like it should. We finally got the winning streak. For me, I play a lot.

I started with weaknesses, reinforcements, I could have had more points, but the Swiss league is higher than the Czech extra league. It is played completely differently. In the Czech Republic it was more defensive, and here I played more from the outside, flying up and down. Hockey is more demanding and physically demanding. I think we will rise with the team. That’s why I signed a three-year contract to fight for the title.”

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Have you given up on your NHL dream by signing a three-year contract?

“When I spoke to team manager Petr Svoboda, he said he wouldn’t stop me if an offer came from abroad. He himself has been an agent for top Czech players for many years. If anyone comes to see me, they can help me. When signing the contract, I decided not only the quality of the league and the good travel And the beauty of the country, but also the stability that a longer decade brings. After all, we already have a little daughter and I take care of the family.”

I was the busiest defender for the national team at the last World Championships, and played a lot in the Olympic qualifiers. Have you already thought about your chances at the Olympics?

“Hopefully I’ve convinced the coaches about the Olympic nomination earlier and they won’t decide after the tournament in Visby. I think when I got the space, I was able to defend my performance. I’d like to go to Beijing, that’s one of my career goals. On the other hand, I hope That everyone be in good health so that coaches can choose the best players. For epidemic measures, the appointment will be broader. I hope more is in place.”

At Třinec, seasons have risen to the point you want until last great season, in which you scored 48 points. Is it true that you as a defender start in a new league, especially from Defensive Vigilant?

“Yes, it is. Plus, I’ve met new teammates and it took a while to set the same wave. Another factor is that there are two top formations on each team, often with ex-NHL players. I spend a lot of time on the ice against the top five of the opponent.” , when we don’t want to score a goal in the first place. My game isn’t offensive like last year at Tunik, but I still try to help attack.”

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How much more Swiss skateboarders can suit you, right?

“That’s right, there’s a lot of skating here, it’s great in terms of movement. I thought I’d have more space to play, but the opposite is true. All the teams are working hard and there is little time to think about what to do with the pinch. I’ve worked in Switzerland since Four years since then the league has gone up a little bit. Hockey is much faster.”

Perhaps the quality is related to the fact that each club can have a maximum of four foreigners, usually only former NHL players or representatives of their countries like you. What do you say in that?

“It’s hard to get here. The teams are exploring reinforcements in detail. I’ve also been waiting for the longest Swiss show over the summer.”

What can you say about Robert Petrovich who works with you at Lausanne as an assistant coach?

“It’s good that we speak Slovak. Because my father and grandfather are coaches, I respect the coaches. I do not go to negotiate with them. Rob and I get along well, he is responsible for the defenders in Lausanne. We are in constant contact.”

You will also welcome Libor Hudáček to the national team. The competition seemed to have been a great shot when he scored 8 goals in ten matches.

“We spoke and he praised the league. It is a pity that he was injured last year when he was at Lausanne. When he came back to Lugano, he started falling for him. Libor has qualities and continues to do well.”

Slovaks don’t usually go to the Swiss league. However, Christian Pospisil recently joined HC Davos. Do you feel that interest in players has increased?

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“You made the last Slovak Hockey World Championships visible. Our middle generation has quality and we get great young wool. Christian has joined a great team, and I have the best information from there, with former Twink teammate Mate Stranski playing there. I think ‘Kik’ will love it And moving the game room. It’s a step forward.”

When Libor Hudáek moved to Lausanne last year, he said he felt like vacationing there, having a lovely stay by the lake. What do you say to life in the city?

“We’re in Lake Geneva and opposite the Alps. It’s great. There are beautiful lakeside beaches, and many Swiss go here for vacation. We still have a very young daughter so we can go through everything. I think when he grows up, we’ll manage more of nature “.

How do you manage your father’s responsibilities?

“Okay. At first, I wanted to help my wife as much as possible, since there are two of us outside. Gradually, I got tired. I already sleep in another room before games. But in general, I enjoy it, except for breastfeeding, I manage all the something (laughs).”

Twenty has a chance

Like most hockey players, Martin Gernat is looking forward to the World Under-20 Championship at the turn of the year. “I read in the media that we have a strong team. I firmly believe that the boys are ready to give the best performance. It is a big challenge, but a similar tournament is unpredictable. They have to play as a team with hearts and remain humble. Then they have a great chance to fight for the medal, “ An experienced defender said.