December 9, 2021

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As for Amazon and Apple, they were fined more than 200 million euros

As for Amazon and Apple, they were fined more than 200 million euros

The world’s two leading technology companies, Amazon and Apple, have been fined again. This time it was from the Italian anti-monopoly body and the total penalties imposed amounted to more than 200 million euros.

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fatal fine

The fine relates to Apple and Beats products. Under an agreement between the two companies dating back to 2018, only select merchants can sell Apple and Beats products through However, according to the Italian anti-monopoly body, this is inconsistent with the European Union and This has affected price competition.

The office imposed on the company Apple fined 134.5 million euros and Amazon fined 68.7 million euros. At the same time, both of them are promptly asked End restrictions on retailers. In practice, this means that they should be given access to the sale of these products.

An unfair advantage

Both Apple and Amazon announced it They plan to appeal the fines. Apple indicates that it pays great attention to it everywhere in the world Only original products are sold this company. Amazon again Describe the fine as disproportionately high and unfounded.

This isn’t the first fine on Amazon this year. Already in the summer, the EU regulatory authorities Imposition of a fine of 746 million euros for violation of the rules for the protection of personal data. It is alleged that Amazon systematically collects information on merchants who sell their merchandise through its website. the team gained an unfair advantagethat can be used against potential commercial competitors.

Highest fine on Google

Google received the highest fine among tech companies in Europe so far. Court of Justice of the European Union just two weeks ago He decided a penalty of 2.42 billion euros. According to him, the company should have preferred to compare their prices in Google Shopping before competing bids.

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The European Commission has imposed several heavy fines on Google over the past four years. I The total value is about 8 billion euros.