January 24, 2022

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Are black holes real? These five clues say yes!

Black holes are really scary things. First, not even the fastest thing in the universe escapes the force of gravity – light, and second, beyond the region known as the event horizon, physics, as we know it, stops working, Gates writes. space.

It’s understandable to put black holes the other way around and to think that they are the product of scientifically fascinating stories. Einstein himself did not believe in their possibility, but over the years we have gained a wealth of evidence that black holes do exist in space. Here are 5 clues to this.

Einstein’s theories

We wrote above that Einstein did not believe in black holes, but did you know that their existence appeared in his existence Theory of relativity? One of the most famous scientists in the world believes that the existence of black holes is evidence that his theory is incomplete. However, it was not Einstein who discovered these dark monsters.

Physicist Karl Schwarzschild noted their theoretical existence in 1916. He said that if Einstein’s theory was correct, black holes must exist. The theory of relativity has undergone many difficult tests, but it has always won.

Flashes of gamma rays

In the 1930s, Indian astrophysicist Subramanian Chandrasekhar studied stars in the last stages of their lives. The goal of his research was to find out what happens to them when they run out of fuel.

His findings suggest that truly massive stars would collapse together to form a black hole. The collapse of their nuclei will occur at an incredible speed, in a matter of seconds, an incredible amount of energy will be released into space. These are called gamma ray bursts, and astronomers have caught many of them in space. These flashes indicate the birth of a black hole.

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gravitational waves

Black holes do not have to exist in isolation. It often happens that they are in pairs and go around each other. In this case, gravitational waves occur, which is another thing that Einstein predicted. Today, we can detect gravitational waves using highly sensitive detectors. The first discovery occurred in 2016 and continued Just merge two black holes into one.

Invisible Companion

Black holes are really hard to notice. Of course, we are not talking about situations in which it arises, merges into one, or absorbs matter around it. If a black hole does nothing, it just “sits on its backside” and emits no radiation and Practically invisible.

There is only one way to find them, but there is. Black holes are famous for their immense gravitational pull, which affects the things around them. In 2020, astronomers observed a star system and noted one peculiarity. The entire system was behaving differently and its behavior could be explained, If something else is not visible.

The researchers found that there must be an object in the system weighing 4 suns, and they immediately recognized it as a black hole. It is located in the HR 6819 system approximately A thousand light years from Earth. It’s at the same time nearest black hole.

direct picture

The best evidence that black holes actually exist. In 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope project attempted a truly massive task – to photograph a supermassive black hole, at the heart of a neighboring galaxy. It was located in the Messier 87 galaxy, of course, the resulting image is not 4K resolution, But it’s the first ever shot of a black hole that humanity has ever acquired.

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The first image of a black hole, created by the Event Horizon Telescope Project Source: NASA

The project is currently trying to connect more telescopes that would provide a better view of the black hole. So it is possible that In the future we will see these dark monsters with complete beauty

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