December 7, 2021

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Apple will prepare a new iPhone without interruption and other information on the expected cheaper model

Apple will prepare a new iPhone without interruption and other information on the expected cheaper model

Apple is expected to release another iPhone next spring.

  • Next year’s iPhone 14 will probably get rid of the outage, respectively. at least selected models (Pro),
  • Proper display is provided by LG,
  • Apple will also introduce the new iPhone SE 3, which offers a 5G or iPhone XR-style design.

New models of Apple’s iPhone 13 line were only recently introduced and there is already intense speculation about what we will see next year.

It looks like Apple is launching an “iPhone 14” line. How do States Also website, removing the clip (criticism) on the screen is becoming more and more popular. This was added when iPhones switched to a new design without a physical home button using the Touch ID sensor.

The latest chatter is also moving in this direction.

Supply with space?

According to the latest unconfirmed reports, the new iPhones should have a screen with a “space” on it. It is reported that the necessary presentation was prepared by the South Korean company LG.

However, it’s also possible that only some of the new iPhone 14s will get rid of the trim — especially the premium Pro versions, respectively. for Max. The “basic” models of the iPhone 14 may continue the current trend.

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However, a possible transition to a display with an area will of course require a more significant modification of various technologies and sensors. For example, the future of Face ID, resp. This could mean switching to the Touch ID sensor located under the surface of the screen.

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However, the fingerprint sensors under the screen often don’t work perfectly, and for engineers, one of the other big challenges will be solving the hardware and software side.

Alternatively, Apple may choose another solution. For example, Touch ID is on the side.

The iPhone SE 3 is due to come in the spring of 2022

While the aforementioned product line should reappear in the traditional September term, we won’t have to wait for the new addition among iPhones for nearly an entire year. Information has resurfaced again to confirm that Apple is planning another “cheap iPhone.”

It will be the successor to the iPhone SE products, respectively. iPhone SE (2020), remember For example,

The third version is tentatively referred to as iPhone SE 3. It should be the last new iPhone with an LCD screen. As we noted earlier, the appearance of upcoming news should change. The model this time will be the iPhone XR.

In practice, this will mean that the front home button should be a thing of the past, given the cut, we should already be using Face ID for biometric items. Here, however, reports from an “informed sources” environment diverge. Some claim that Touch ID will still be there, but on the side of the phone.

The device should also have a 5nm A15 Bionic chip, which also supports 5G networks. The price should remain at about the same level as the iPhone SE (2020). We can expect price tags around 500 euros.

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