December 9, 2021

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Apple will finally allow iPhones to self-repair

Apple will finally allow iPhones to self-repair

Many iPhone owners are probably getting frustrated that a broken family member can’t fix their broken device, for example, because they don’t have access to the parts. That will change from next year. Apple will start offering certified parts, tools, and repair manuals for Mac and iPhone that will be available to everyone.

Self-Service Repair allows technically savvy customers to make repairs without having to ship their device to Apple or take it to a third-party service center. The program will launch in the US at the beginning of the year, but will gradually reach other regions as well. Initially, customers will only be able to repair or replace screens, batteries and cameras, which Apple says are the most frequently serviced units. However, in the future, the number of repairable parts will expand.

The program will initially only offer patch materials for iPhone 12 and 13 and will later be extended to M1 Mac. The Self Service Repair online store will have more than 200 parts and tools in stock, but Apple hasn’t announced pricing yet. According to the web Take Crunch Repairing your own hardware won’t void your warranty, but it may no longer be damaged during repair. Apple does not recommend entry-level home repairs. The program targets customers who are already trained in electronics repair.


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