January 24, 2022

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Apple: iPhone 13 satellite features will only be available in select markets

Apple: iPhone 13 satellite features will only be available in select markets

Last week we brought you the news that the expected iPhone 13 will support satellite communications, The article can be found – here.

This information was first published by a reputable and reliable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. The report focused on low Earth orbit satellite communications. After that, he began to address this topic in more detail – Mark Gurman – of Bloomberg, giving more details about this feature and its implementation in the iPhone 13.

Mark Gorman said in a media report that satellite jobs will be, but only in select markets and in specific situations.

“Emergency satellite functionality will only work in areas with no mobile coverage and only select markets. There is also talk that Apple is planning to deploy its own batch of satellites to transmit data to devices, but that plan is probably still a long way off.” .

iPhone 13

It also clarifies that Apple will not give iPhone 13 users the ability to make phone calls without mobile coverage.

“Some have asked me if these new features mean the iPhone can be used as a satellite phone with the ability to make calls anywhere in the world without mobile coverage.” The answer is clear and a big rejection. It won’t happen now, next year, or anytime in the near future. “

Gurman explains that turning on such a feature will require hardware that is not yet ready. It would also be costly and could cause a “riot” for mobile operators that Apple needs on its part.

According to a Bloomberg report last week, Apple is working on at least two approaches: Basic is to send short emergency texts and send SOS emergency signals in the event of a crisis, such as a plane crash or shipwreck in remote areas, etc. The second option would be limited calls.

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It appears that Apple is integrating emergency messages via satellite into its native messaging app, allowing users to call emergency services and close friends without any mobile phone signal. Bloomberg says emergency messages will appear like gray bubbles, combining the traditional blue for iMessage and green for SMS.

According to the report, satellite communication requires the user to be in the open, that is, in the open air. It may take up to 1 minute to get a signal.

Do you accept such novelty on the iPhone? From our point of view, this will be a very interesting and useful feature. We wonder what the truth is and when Apple will talk about it publicly.

Source: 9to5mac.com

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