January 29, 2022

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Apple introduced as many as 33 iPhones in 15 years!  see them all

Apple introduced as many as 33 iPhones in 15 years! see them all

Today the Apple iPhone celebrates its fifteenth birthday. Posted by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. It didn’t revolutionize at the time, but it didn’t take the iPhone a year to become a legend. Even today An apple It offered up to 33 different versions of this unique smartphone loved by millions of people around the world. So we’ve rounded up all 33 models so you can see them throughout history.

take a lookPhone 3.5 changed the world. Apple iPhone 15 years!

Did you know this The first iPhone that didn’t even have 3G, even though all the other smartphones on the market have it? Or does he not even know how to send SMS messages? The iPhone has always been a bit late, but it has always caused a revolution. For example, he still keeps his teeth through his Lightning port. Or we’ll see the foldable version in 2-3 years.

take a lookThe first iPhone didn’t offer video recording, multimedia messaging, or apps, but it was revolutionary

In 15 years, Apple has been able to make an amazing 33 different iPhones. In some years he made only one, another year quietly 4 different models. Watch them all in the series as presented… (You can also zoom in on the image for a better view)