January 24, 2022

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Apple has reached an agreement with the developers. Payment outside his shop is allowed

New terms and agreements that will somewhat balance the position of the business and developers.

On site An apple There is information that the company wants to maintain a safe business and provide a better job opportunity for developers. Let’s take a look at these corporate PR statements in our language. The pearl must also be mentioned In the field of data or some kind of commitment to strategic communication and that Apple values ​​the feedback and ideas of developers. Well, they have no choice. The Fortnite case prevented them, but it must be added that Fortine was the first to violate the terms. These may be unfair terms, but the game developers have agreed.

The deal talks about itDevelopers can share shopping options with users outside of their iOS app. This was actually an issue in the case of Fortnite and here a fire broke out as they offered content through their online store. Apple, of course, responded to this because it cut short and its profits. However, it was owed to her according to the contractual terms. Epic Games They took the first step that indicated the higher fees paid to Apple from each transaction, but they broke the terms, and here we agree with Apple.

It’s the most trusted place for users to get apps, and it’s been a great business opportunity for developers to innovate, thrive, and grow, said Apple’s Phil Schiller, who oversees the App Store. We can agree with that and specify that too Apple has gradually been getting smaller commission over the years Until finally, after a few years (there is talk of three), he no longer takes anything. But developers still have the ability to keep the app in business and thrive in it. However, we know that the biggest gains were in the early years if not the months.

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After a dialogue between Apple and the plaintiffs in a lawsuit by developers against Apple. We reached an agreement outlining seven key priorities shared by Apple and small developers. At the request of the developers The company approved the search results You will continue to rely on objective characteristics such as downloads, star ratings, text relevance, and user behavior signals. Under this agreement, the existing App Store search system will be maintained for at least the next three years. So does this mean that after three years, the results will be manipulated indefinitely?

Developers will not pay commission to Apple For any purchases made outside the app or the App Store. Users must agree to the connection and have the right to decline it. Finally, this will not be a problem for users. Companies on Android also use secure mechanisms, so the user does not have to worry about how they pay for the content.

Source: An apple

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