January 28, 2022

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Apple has entered into a confidentiality agreement to do business in China

Apple has entered into a confidentiality agreement to do business in China

Apple’s chief technology officer, Tim Cook, years ago reached a secret agreement that quelled threats to the company’s business in the Chinese market in exchange for helping develop the Chinese tech sector.

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Report it to the server the information Referring to Apple’s interviews and internal documents. He added that the value of the agreement is estimated at more than $275 billion.

The deal paved the way for Apple’s success

According to the server, Cook prepared this agreement in 2016 during personal meetings with Chinese officials, and it was intended to stem the wave of actions taken by Chinese regulators against Apple. This, along with negative publicity, has led to a drop in iPhone sales in China.

Tim Cook

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At the time, Apple was facing a deteriorating relationship with Chinese officials, who believed the company was not contributing enough to the Chinese economy, the information said. According to the server, the agreement Cook entered into paved the way for Apple’s success in the Chinese market.

World peace through global trade

The Daily Mail published information from The Information that American companies in the United States are now facing criticism for expanding their activities in China, accused of human rights violations.

However, Cook said last month that he believed Apple had an obligation to sell its products in as many countries as possible, including China. “World peace through world trade,” he said.

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