October 22, 2021

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Apple first removed its app from the App Store, then shamelessly copied it

Apple first removed its app from the App Store, then shamelessly copied it

If you watch Introducing the new generation of Apple WatchYou certainly didn’t miss one of its new features – the full QWERTY QuickPath keyboard. Do you find this news familiar to her? This is because Apple simply copied it from the developer, who will now be suing him.

Back in 2018, a useful app appeared in the App Store Flick typeWhich brings a full QWERTY keyboard with intelligent text completion to the Apple Watch. Longer texts no longer have to be drawn letter by letter on the watch, and not impractically dictated phonetically.

Kosta Eleftheriou was also impressed by his application presented by Apple, which in January 2019 invited him to present FlickType to the team responsible for developing the Apple Watch. Apple’s head of keyboard development should have said his company should buy FlickType from him, saying it would be a major feature of their watches.

Although all indications are that Apple really wants to buy FlickType, he got the opposite message for Eleftheriou that evening. His application allegedly violated the rules of the App Store, so he had to disappear from view as soon as possible.

It took Eleftheriou almost a year to convince Apple that its app wasn’t breaking any rules. When FlickType finally returned to the App Store in January 2020, he made $130,000 in his first month alone. Without a year’s delay, Eleftheriou would have earned much more from her program. That’s why he sued Apple in the middle of last year for lost profits.

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However, at the time, Eleftheriou had no idea that Apple was working on its own version of FlickType, which it implemented directly into the new generation of watchOS operating system Apple Watch Series 7. Find out with us this week during a press conference where Apple has a keyboard Complete QWERTY in the same manner of writing presented as a revolutionary novelty.

Shortly after the press conference, Eleftherio posted a screenshot on the social network Twitter that captures a message from Apple about deleting its app from the App Store with the description “So far we know. See you in court, Apple“.

Did that surprise you? No, Apple is so famous for this style that there really is a name for it,”SherlockingThis name arose when Apple “borrowed” many features from the now-defunct Watson application when creating the Sherlock search engine. Today, we can give here dozens of such examples.

It’s only in recent years that COS menstrual monitoring features have similarly been introduced into watchOS, the Luna device’s function to extend the screen of Mac computers, or the time before screen function—monitoring time spent using mobile devices once by the app. Moment …