January 24, 2022

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Anti-hijab movement leader († 30) succumbs to COVID: Three children, pregnant wife

Anti-hijab movement leader († 30) succumbs to COVID: Three children, pregnant wife

Wallace organized a protest in July 2020, along with other like-minded people, against curtains and other measures against the spread of the coronavirus. “We are not satisfied with the current situation in the United States.” announced. He later wrote letters to local schools to lift all restrictions.

The most mutated type of corona virus is spreading from Africa: it is already in Europe!

But fate overtook him and succumbed to the virus. “I love his family, love his daughters above all”, His wife Jessica wrote on GoFundMe. The disease was severe and affected his lungs. He wrote that he spent a month in the hospital, for a long time she was unconscious britský bouncer.

“His passing was peaceful, and he will live forever in our hearts and memories.” Wallace said.

He started feeling the first symptoms on July 26, but refused to go to the hospital for a test. Wallace explained that he wanted to treat himself with high doses of vitamin C, aspirin, and ivermectin. Experts in treating COVID-19 do not recommend ivermectin. It is an antiparasitic used by veterinarians for cattle and horses.

Dangerous prediction: a coronary-like pandemic awaits us! When will it erupt?

At the end of July, there was no other way, just to take him to the hospital. There he was connected to a pulmonary ventilator and fell into a coma within a week.

“My husband was not a perfect man, but he loved his family. To those who would have wished him a death, I would say I am very sorry that his opinions offended you or offended you. I prayed that covid’s experience change his view,” Wallace Books.

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