November 30, 2021

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Another set of games will be added to your Xbox Game Pass subscription

Including game-like souls.

Microsoft released a list of games that will be added to your Xbox Game Pass subscription in the second half of November. And as usual, it is now full of interesting game titles of various genres.

  • Games are already added to the cloud today Dead Space a Dragon Age: Origins.
  • The game will be added on November 17th The next rebels in space.
  • Games will be added on November 18 Exo One, Fae Tactics, and my friend Pedro a Undungeon.
  • Games will be added on November 23 Deeeer Simulator a Mortal Shell.
  • November 30 will be a game Evil genius 2.

In addition, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get an interesting feature in the form of Youtube Premium for three months for free. However, the offer is only valid for those who have not yet activated Youtube Premium.

Touch controls have been made available in 17 other games, including Football Manager 2022, Phoenix Point, Moonglow Bay, and more.

A greater part of the games will leave the service in the near future. It will be on November 30th Call of the Sea, FIFA 19, Director of Football 2021, Haven, Hello Neighbor, Morkredd a Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. It will be December 8 Destiny 2: Beyond the Light.

Zdroj: Microsoft

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