November 30, 2021

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Another revolutionary use of the Starship, it will turn it on its side on the moon

Scientists come up with a new idea to fundamentally simplify the colonization of the moon and the construction of human habitations on it. In order to create a building on the moon, they propose to flip the side of the spacecraft, which will save a lot of space, informuje universe today.

Colonization begins

This method has one big advantage – the spacecraft will reach the surface of Mars, regardless of whether someone wants to turn it into a building or not. It certainly won a contract from NASA, the dissatisfied lawsuit with Blue Origin has disappeared, and the massive structure, which SpaceX is developing, could continue in that direction as well.

Around 2025, after a long time, the first astronauts, especially the first woman, reached the surface of the moon. The goal is to use the lunar version of the spacecraft to transport it between the lunar surface and the Gateway station in its orbit.


It is not clear how many transfers the spacecraft will have to withstand, but it will eventually terminate its service and be replaced by another. At that moment, it is ideal to use just such a “debris” as scientists suggest and use thousands of cubic meters of useful space. We can already produce the fuel and materials needed on the Moon And its occupation by the population is necessary sooner or later.

How do they want her heart?

In this case, scientists assume that the design will undergo only minor modifications, and thanks to the lower lunar gravity, the spacecraft will retain its structure even after flipping sideways with the MOROCAS system, writes by on a dedicated site.

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The MOROCAS, i.e. Modular Structured Automated System, is a fleet of separate roving vehicles. They want it to be designed to fit into a spacecraft, be able to carry cargo and handle the necessary equipment and tools.

This is not the only lunar base that mankind has planned. In addition to various government agencies, he also designs his own stations, for example SOM, which wants to build a big city on the moon for both scientists and tourists.


At the same time, Morocco drains excess fuel from the decommissioned spacecraft, and when it finally gets it, it is possible to drain the remaining fuel and create the necessary atmosphere inside. After that, astronauts are also allowed in, who can begin to modify the interior.

The first lunar hotel

Starship will eventually provide up to three floors with a height of 3 meters, with a total savings of about 850 meters2 Conveniently usable floor. StadyDeveloped by scientists to advance this project, it also deals with the radiation and lunar dust sticking to everything, and the fatigue of the astronauts.

For missions aimed at building a base, experts recommend improved spacesuits and care for the physical and mental health of astronauts, who can be exhausted by hard work, which can be physically and mentally demanding. In order to counteract the radiation, scientists recommend covering the inverted spacecraft with lunar regolith.


However, the first step, for now, is the need to get the Starship into orbit. The prototype has a role to play Ship 20 and its first stage Booster 4, while Musk anticipates this maiden voyage in the near future.

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