November 30, 2021

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Anna faces every woman's nightmare: a friend who ignores me

Anna faces every woman’s nightmare: a friend who ignores me

I have a friend who is much older and have had problems for the past five months or so. A friend with big financial problems, started a new business, which started, but it was only seasonal … Since then, he stopped coming to see me, and he hardly picked up the phone. He’s been thinking about somewhere else all summer like I don’t exist, and he’s done things that hurt me a lot, and he loses my trust. Now better, but I’m on the dragonfly, whether to stay abroad with him or go back to Slovakia. How do you continue?


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Dear Anna, you are a charming and ambitious woman who, unfortunately, is stuck with a friend on a treadmill. you do it
You mean it honestly. The court card indicates his problems that also affected your love. The fate of your friend is divided into small sections, and at the moment it seems that you are leaving his fate. It is driven from the mountain. The partner has a big heart, but everything collapsed and he felt that he had nothing to offer you. He is angry with himself, hence the insults. There is a change waiting for you next year. You will likely be in Slovakia, but with a different partner. Everything will go very quickly. You will feel: Now I know what I want! Good luck and God bless you!

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