January 29, 2022

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Android coming to an end? Google brings its second operating system to another device

It’s no secret that In the US, Google is working on two operating systems for smartphones and other smart devices. common one Android, which, however, could be replaced in the very near future. The system is competing with him fuchsia operating system, which was also developed by the American company Google. A few days ago we informed you that even the South Korean Samsung adaptive work their smartphones for fuchsias. And while this transformation of the operating system will take some time, the American company and the developer of both alternative systems have already done it New fuchsia is preparing for more and more facilities. The portal alerted us to this information androidcentral.com.

Fuchsia OS is supposed to be a global operating system from Google

Everyone knows this Google does not stand behind only one operating system for all devices. We will find different designs of smart phone, smartwatch or computer systems working together, but they are still not one and the same system. This will be the case with the advent of the system fuchsia operating system From Google should change. The company plans to bring One operating system covers several types of smart electronics.

Although the transition to this operating system will not take place immediately, future plans are clear. completely Generation change process for operating systems It can take several years. Fuchsia OS is already being prepared for the first devices, and the US Google is currently working on a version of Fuchsia for its next device. If it continues like this, we can see in a few years The first smartphones of the Pixel series With Fuchsia OS.

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Where else can we find new fuchsias today?

We might think that Fuchsia OS is a new operating system. However, this is not entirely the case. Google has been running this operating system since 2016 The system is currently being prepared for two devices. It is slowly replacing the original operating systems, which will increasingly decline. During this year, Fuchsia came to the first generation of the Nest Hub smart display, and according to the latest information, this one The system will soon arrive in the new generation of the Nest Hub Max.

There should be a gradual increase in such facilities. We can make a new system from Google Almost a few years ago now. However, we will wait some time for such a situation. For now, we will have to deal with Android and other operating systems.

Will you replace the Android operating system on your smartphone? And do you think that this system will match Google’s competitor Apple? Share with us in the comments!

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