January 29, 2022

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Android car will be replaced by Google Now mode

Android car will be replaced by Google Now mode

In December last year, Google announced that Android Auto would soon be available in our region, which eventually did. It has now announced a change that Android Auto will no longer be available for download and will be replaced by Google Now Driving Mode.

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Android Auto has become very popular in the world. It provides quick access to Google Maps or music streaming services, for example. Everything is conveniently controlled from the center display of your car.

Android Auto will be replaced by the new Google Now mode

Even those without a compatible unit can see these things on their smartphone screen. At the beginning of the year, Google created a revamped Google Now for Cars environment that could do more. Now that the development of this project is complete, Google will stop offering the old Android Auto environment on smartphones running Android 12.

A statement from Google states that Google Now Driving Mode is another evolution of the driving experience on mobile devices. For customers who use Android Auto in supported vehicles, this system will not go away. Those who use the phone environment as an Android Auto app will automatically switch to Google Now Driving Mode.

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Starting with Android 12, Google Now Driving Mode will be built-in. No other details are known at this time. Some owners of Google Pixel smartphones running Android 12 have been notified when they tried to run Android Auto app on their smartphone. There it was written that Android Auto will only be available for car screens.

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As the new Google Now mode is becoming more and more popular, it won’t be a big deal. If you have not updated your smartphone to Android 12, you can still use this app. Until Google decides to permanently withdraw it “from circulation”.

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