November 28, 2021

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Analysts' tough message: East?  They don't want to be vaccinated!  This will only help them

Analysts’ tough message: East? They don’t want to be vaccinated! This will only help them

Analysts from the Data without Pathos project noted that eastern Slovakia in the Prešov and Košice regions now has 900 patients and there will be fewer of them, simply because, “What they will release will come to the reception.” The numbers show that more people are flocking to hospitals as they are leaving. In the first seven days of November alone, a total of 550 patients were discharged, but up to 850 patients were admitted.

Source: Facebook / Data without pity

The paradox is that the regions of Bratislava, Nitra and Trnava have fewer patients together than either the Prešov region or the Kosice region itself. These three southwestern counties have twice the population of one eastern county. But what sets them apart is vaccination.

“If you look for an arrangement in vaccinating regions, Bratislava has 60 percent, Trnava nearly 50 percent, Nitra over 45 percent. East is vaccinated 40 percent, Kosice not.” It could be otherwise, because the Internet is full, and most importantly you have to do your research. “good luck ,” Analysts said.

Analysts' tough message: East?

Source: Facebook / Data without pity

When they don’t want to be vaccinated

For Orientals, they have only one advice – to isolate all and 60, or over 65 for 2-3 weeks. “vaccinated and unvaccinated” they will. It’s their only advice on how to help East. “Because they don’t want to be vaccinated,” Analysts added.

Analysts' tough message: East?

For example, they stated that in the most affected regions with a population of 100,000 – Stará Ľubovňa, Stropkov and Svidník – a total of 51 citizens over the age of 65 could be vaccinated in the past month. “It’s 1 to 2 a day. It’s a killer pace. So let’s keep our fingers intertwined.” Analysts commented.

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However, the situation in the provinces and regions in western and southern Slovakia looks better. “And it would seem even compared to the East,” They concluded.