January 24, 2022

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Analyst Smadana said it openly: Is the delta variant really feverish in the UK?

Analyst Smadana said it openly: Is the delta variant really feverish in the UK?

Martin Smadana, a researcher and former head of the Institute for Health Policy, saw the problem of delta variation in Great Britain. He pointed out on Tuesday that they had registered nearly 29,000 new cases in the British Isles, but only 37 deaths. Despite the number of victims saying a third wave of the corona virus is starting to flare up there, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally wants to release the measures from July 19th. He also said the British must learn to live with the virus. However, a final decision is expected next week, but Smadana did not expect any other comments other than that the measures would be completely relaxed.

.Almost immediately, social networks began to spread that the Delta variant that dominated Britain was simply “feverish” and that the virus was less deadly. As the delta gradually dominates across Europe, all measures or vaccinations are said to be unnecessary. What led Boris Johnson to such an opinion? Martin Smadana asks. As he said, he did not see Boris Johnson in the head, but it is necessary to look at the data that explain the reason for the actions of the British Prime Minister.

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High percentage of vaccine

One of these data shows that in the UK, up to 67 per cent of the population is vaccinated with the first dose, and nearly 90 per cent of the English population has antibodies, including those who became infected during the last wave of the corona virus. . Other British states show the same high numbers. For example, in Wales 91.8 percent and in Scots 84.7 percent have antibodies. “Risk groups, e.g., people over the age of 50 have been vaccinated more than 90% in both doses.. With English data show that even in the delta variant the vaccine protects 92-95% from the hospital. So they firmly believe that the increasing number of cases will not cause another death. Smadana explained that in this statement they were probably right.

He proves this, even though thousands of people are affected daily, they only have dozens of deaths a day. During the last waves, they had 15 to 20 times more deaths because the same figures were affected. Is it because the delta variant is less insidious and does not cause a higher mortality rate? Smadana has a clear answer to that. “In a country where antibodies and activities are changing for many people, it is very difficult to calculate the parameters of mortality or any mutation. It will take more data or time., “ The analyst points out. In South Africa, they announced measures to tighten the number of corona virus infections and deaths recorded last week. Vaccination with both vaccines in the country is less than one percent of the population, even because they have a delta variant that dominates the country.

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Analyst Smadana said

Source: FB / Martin Smadana

Will we follow the path of Britain or Russia?

As for Russia, according to Smadan, one million people are not infected as they were in December, the records “have dropped”, but the death toll is much higher than it was at the end of last year. According to statistics, 88 percent of new cases are caused by delta variation, while only 18 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

.It would be wrong, irrelevant and dangerous to use the UK as an example of the delta variant being “harmless”. Influenza from the delta variant is done only by vaccination. Whether we can travel via Britain or South Africa and Russia is only in our hands. If you have not already done so, please register yourself or your loved ones for vaccination. “ Came to an end.