January 21, 2022

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An innovation center will be set up in جيلilina to prevent brain drain (Interview) – SMEs

They want to make Zilina an important center of innovation, through which innovative companies will penetrate the world. The city of جيلilina, the Šilina Autonomous Region and the University of جيلilina are preparing to establish the InoVia Regional Innovation Center.

The startup wants to create the conditions for young and creative people to implement their ideas from Jelena. The result should be a halt to the brain drain from the Zilina region.

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The city of جيلilina is one of the founders of the city council and the deputies of the city council have already agreed to enter the regional innovation center.

Mayor of جيلilina Peter Viapan In the interview he claimed that Zilina could become one of the innovation centers in Slovakia thanks to this project.

City representatives gave the green light to build a space to support innovative companies and ideas. What exactly will InoVia do?

The InoVia Regional Innovation Center will be a specific place where they work, especially start-ups and start-ups, as well as individuals, young people with ideas and students of the University of Zilina. They will be given a space to start, a well-equipped place where they will be able to work at good prices with the support of educational programmes, trainings and workshops. The other dimension is their financial support. In this area, we want to respond to current challenges. The world is facing radical challenges in digitization and innovative smart solutions. We are looking more to the future. One day, the dominant auto industry, represented by Kia Slovakia, will disappear from this region. We see the greatest opportunity in innovation and the value-added economy. Therefore, we decided to establish an innovation center together with the Zilina Autonomous Region and the University of جيلilina in Jelena As a basis for future progress.

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Where did you get inspired?

These innovation centers operate all over the world. Just look closely. There are two innovation centers in Moravia. One of them was set up over ten years ago near Brno, which is the South Moravian center of innovation. Today, it generates sales of several billion Czech crowns annually and is doing well.