November 30, 2021

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An asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower will soon fly close to Earth. Its effect will be unpleasant for mankind

He writes as early as December 11, we will be able to witness an interesting space phenomenon independent. An asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, whose name is 4,660 Nereus, flies around the Earth. Due to the date of the holiday in which it appears near Earth, the asteroid has been comically dubbed the “Christmas asteroid.”

according to NASA However, do not panic. The space agency’s radar calculated that “dangerous” rocks would fly past the Earth at a distance of about 4 million km, which is very close to space conditions.

Although it poses no threat now, astronomers expect it to fly close to the blue planet a dozen more times in the coming decades.

The closest possible encounter could be Valentine’s Day in 2060. At that time, the asteroid will be close to about 1,200,000 kilometers away. This is three times the distance from the moon.

Experts also considered sending an expedition to investigate the asteroid, but eventually abandoned the plan. In addition to NASA, the Japanese were also curious about the asteroid. They planned to explore the asteroid through their Hayabusa mission.

Huge asteroids are a common thing

According to a British magazine metro The speed of the asteroid will be 6,440 kilometers per hour. Despite the safe distance, the space agency has identified it as a potential hazard.

The reason is that the asteroid can change its direction and its impact will have disastrous consequences for humans. NASA refers to all asteroids that reach a distance of about 7.5 kilometers from Earth and are larger than 152 meters.

Source: Pixabay

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It is not uncommon for asteroids of this size to fly close to Earth. In March, one the size of the Golden Gate Bridge appeared in San Francisco, just two kilometers from our planet.

According to NASA scientist Marina Brozovic, smaller asteroids collide with Earth almost continuously. In a programWe asked the worldHe points out that the identification of the asteroid is also important. Small formations are not dangerous because they burn up in the atmosphere due to their small size.

In recent years, the largest asteroid to hit Earth was the size of a smaller building. It collapsed only 20 kilometers above the ground, causing a large number of fragments to scatter over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

Beginners will also explore the universe

The United Arab Emirates also announced its plans for space exploration. They will be the first Arab country to attempt to study asteroids. Their missions are scheduled to begin in 2028 and will include a survey of seven asteroids in addition to Venus.

zdroj: blue origin

Other newcomers are American billionaires who have decided to conquer the universe. The richest man on the planet, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos flew into space on July 20. We will detail his attempt inform. The spacecraft was developed by his company, Blue Origin, and the suborbital flight took several minutes.

Richard Branson is stepping up his heels in the modern space race, and his company, Virgin Galactic, which also has similar plans, wrote Funtech. Both companies want to launch commercial spaceflights soon.

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