October 23, 2021

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An American nuclear engineer and his wife sold classified military information

The American couple were arrested on suspicion of espionage.

According to the US Department of Justice, Agence France-Presse and the Political Affairs Department reported on Sunday, the couple sold secret plans for US nuclear-powered submarines for about a year to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) believed to represent the foreign government.

The husband worked as a nuclear engineer in the US Navy. Thanks to his job, he gained access to classified information about nuclear-powered submarines, which he and his wife sold for cryptocurrency totaling about $100,000.

State officials called the FBI

The first file containing classified data was sent by a man to an unspecified foreign government in April 2020, asking it to hand it over to Military Intelligence. However, country representatives contacted the FBI in December, and their agents called the engineer and introduced themselves to him as representatives of the foreign government.

Then the couple secretly handed over three memory cards containing information about Virginia-class nuclear submarines, each costing about $3 billion and scheduled to be operational by at least 2060, as of June 2021. They hid them, for example, in A peanut butter sandwich or a pack of gum, left in pre-arranged places.

The first trial of the couple, who live in West Virginia, will take place on Tuesday.

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