October 22, 2021

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American hockey player of Tatras Labanc descent: I speak Slovaks in Slovak!

American hockey player of Tatras Labanc descent: I speak Slovaks in Slovak!

I can not wait! The story of American hockey player Kevin Labank (25 years old) is well known. Kevin is the son of Slovak parents – Speciak Milan and Annika Dubinska, who left for the United States to live at the age of twenty right after the revolution! To this day, he speaks and understands the Slovak language.

Ahead of today’s quarter-final match between the United States and his parents’ country, he shared his feelings with New Time ahead of a truly special experience.

At first sight, Labanc has a sympathetic impression. He reiterated in his statements several times how much he could not wait for a match against Slovakia.

“It will be great, I am very much looking forward to the match against Slovakia. I am known to be of Slovak origin. Both of my parents are from Slovakia. My first words in this world were in Slovak. It means a lot to me that I can present myself against the country where my parents grew up.” In a way, she is also mine. I grew up in the Slovak society in New York. It will be exciting for me, and my whole family and friends in America and Slovakia will definitely see.” His teammate is Slovak defender Kristian Jaroš.

“It is a pity that Christian will not play in the match. You have a very good team, so we cannot underestimate anything. It will be fun for me, and I will enjoy every second on the ice,” Labanc added, revealing whether it would bother our boys. “I certainly wouldn’t tell men some rude things, that’s not my style. But I will certainly tease them a little in Slovak so that they understand that it will not be easy, ” Labanc concluded.

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